Whatever you do, keep listening to your customer.
They will tell you exactly what they need.
Con Zwinkels
Founder, Leaseweb

Help with financing your internet infrastructure.

Depending on which country your startup is legally registered in, we will offer $25,000, €25,000 or SGD25,000 in credit for a whole year, which can be used to fund the use of any of our internet infrastructure products.

Help with technical issues.

Getting started in the Cloud can seem daunting but we’ll give you all the technical help you need. That includes 1:1 assistance from a Leaseweb specialist to set up the architecture that’s right for your particular business and 24/7 support once you’re up and running.

Help with growing your business.

Mentoring on technical, business, sales and marketing issues will help you navigate some of the hurdles all startups face. We’ll also feature your company in our own marketing materials to give you further exposure.

Who can join the Leaseweb Startups Program?

To be a part of the program, you need to fit the following profile:

Included Be a startup or early-stage technology company with an Internet-dependent product or service
Included Be in an approved Accelerator, Incubator or VC fund
Included Have less than €500,000/$500,000/SGD500,000 in annual revenue
Included Be a first-time applicant for the program
Included Accept the Terms & Conditions



Program Sheet

Startup Program

More information about the benefits of our Startups Program.