Amsterdam, 19 July 2017 - With this addition, Leaseweb now offers IT channel partners such as IT solution providers and system integrators a full set of options to easily tap into the hybrid cloud services market. 

The cloud is having a fundamental impact on the way organizations consume IT, as well as on IT channels, which have seen major shifts in market demand. To adapt to the current needs of their customers, IT solution providers are changing their business models to a service centric approach. As they continue to adopt new business models, IT solution providers are faced with the choice of ‘build or buy’ regarding their cloud services offerings, and the financial impact it may have on their business.

Leaseweb is well positioned to support the IT channel in bringing cloud computing to its customers through its comprehensive cloud services offerings, which now include a full portfolio of services based on Microsoft cloud solutions. This new offering provides IT solution providers a ‘ready-to-go’ infrastructure they can easily tap into to migrate Microsoft based infrastructure to the cloud. The combination of the built-in security of Microsoft Azure Pack, Leaseweb’s comprehensive list of certifications (amongst which the Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider Tier 1 status), and guaranteed data residency in the Netherlands, provides IT solution providers with strong data protection and privacy.

“IT services providers are competing for the infrastructure business that organizations are increasingly looking to outsource,” says Robert van der Meulen, Technical Evangelist at Leaseweb. “Instead of having to decide whether to ‘buy or build’ hosting infrastructure to meet client requirements, IT services companies can choose to incorporate the existing infrastructure in a hybrid setup thanks to a more mature cloud market ecosystem and a wider choice of partners. It allows IT solution providers to focus on differentiating themselves with value added services while relying on our experience in building, operating and offering ‘Infrastructure as a Service’ to deliver the best service available in the market.”

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