Amsterdam, May 1, 2017 – TechSummit is a day for IT specialists to hear expert speakers share knowledge and ideas on a wide range of tech topics including reliability, performance, and scalability.


With ‘Building Reliability at Scale’ as the central topic of this year’s summit, TechSummit will provide inspirational insights to the architects of the information age. The event takes place on June 1 in Pakhuis West in Amsterdam and aims to educate, inspire, and celebrate the tech community. TechSummit started a few years back in Amsterdam and has since been growing the number of attendees and locations with summits taking place in Amsterdam, Berlin, and Washington, D.C.


TechSummit draws speakers from leading tech companies and media organizations from around the world. Among them are Diogo Mónica, Security Lead at Docker, Amy Nguyen, Software Engineer at Pinterest, and Joerek van Gaalen, CTO Performance at Computest. They will hold presentations on current and emerging topics to create a vibrant ongoing conversation among developers, system administrators, engineers, and software architects. 


“I’ve definitely learned a lot from the various speakers that have been here and it’s been a lot of fun just getting to know people from different companies and different tools that I enjoy using”, said Jessy Irwin, Security Empress of 1Password, speaker and attendee at TechSummit 2016.


Deeply committed to fostering ongoing, open dialogue in the tech community, TechSummit encourages people of all backgrounds and perspectives to come together to share their knowledge. “The exchange of ideas and solutions during TechSummit are just the beginning of an ongoing conversation that is continued through the website and through to the following year. With each passing event, we hear more and more about people who started new projects or improved their infrastructure based on the TechSummit talks and conversations. This makes us proud and challenges us to improve from event to event”, said Sander Poelwijk, Program Chair of TechSummit.


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