Over 500 customers were acquired in the transaction, substantially increasing the number of customers served by LeaseWeb USA. LeaseWeb also hired all Shore.net employees. All acquired customers have been successfully migrated from the Shore.net hosting facilities to LeaseWeb USA’s state-of-the-art data center.


The terms of the transactions were not disclosed.


LeaseWeb entered the U.S. market in January 2011 with a new subsidiary, headquartered in Manassas and its first data center. This geographic expansion enabled LeaseWeb to extend its reputation as a global provider of hosting infrastructure services to the United States and, subsequently, continue its trend of success that originated in Europe. In December 2012, LeaseWeb USA expanded its footprint substantially and can now grow to 3 MW of power in EvoSwitch WDC1, a data center based in Manassas, VA.


William L. Schrader, CEO of LeaseWeb USA, says: “We have enjoyed substantial organic growth, exceeding 100% annually during the past 3 years. The Shore.net acquisition is an excellent match for our service offerings and ensures that we are now prepared to continue that growth rate.”