LeaseWeb, one of the world’s largest hosting brands, announced today that it has launched LeaseWeb Application Security. The new service includes a web application firewall (WAF), threat intelligence support by application security experts and a 24/7 Security Operation Center. This way businesses can easily respond to threats and mitigate attacks such as DDoS by adjusting their security situation. They can also continuously analyze their vulnerability and monitor suspicious traffic to prevent data breaches. 


The service includes next generation behavioral web application firewall technology, which is integrated into the LeaseWeb Content Delivery Network (CDN). It uses advanced threat detection techniques, combining website acceleration with end-to-end security including DDoS attack mitigation in the network. LeaseWeb Application Security can be used for every web application, regardless of its hosting infrastructure, location or provider, making this a stand-alone service that can be used by non-LeaseWeb customers.


A configurable, cloud-based dashboard adjusts customers’ security situations, monitors suspicious traffic and always responds to threats. This way customers can block suspicious traffic, malicious IPs and geographies and dive deeper into a specific IP data range. Using intuitive navigation, users can also download and share metrics and graphs. The reporting feature offers customers WAF attack logs that can be used to send a daily risk assessment report and immediate risk notifications. Reports can be downloaded to common format files such as xls, csv or txt. By using a REST API the dashboard can also be integrated into existing dashboards or applications.


LeaseWeb Application Security is further augmented by a 24/7 Security Operation Center that reacts to every incoming attack. With the help of the Security Operation Center, customers can constantly analyze their vulnerability and mitigate threats with a high degree of customization. For real-time mitigation of spammers, data breaches and DDoS attacks, application security experts are available around the clock. These experts react fast and effective and deal with them adequately, this way control mitigation measurements can be implemented. After each attack the Security Operation Center will send a formal and detailed attack report.


“Websites are attacked every day with the goal of compromising sensitive data or redirecting your traffic. This causes a loss of customers and irreparable damage to your business’ reputation,” says Julien Lehmann, Manager of LeaseWeb Application Security. “We understand how to defend against cybercrime, because we’ve been in the battlefield every day for the past 18 years. Our new service is one of the few ways how companies can protect their data and make sure that they are always one step ahead of spammers, data breaches and DDoS attacks.”


LeaseWeb will be exhibiting at Velocity Amsterdam 28 – 30 October, booth #324.


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