To lay a firm foundation for further development of the product line, LeaseWeb has built a high-performance platform for their Express Cloud product. It can accommodate large numbers of customers, while offering a robust foundation for advanced Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) applications.


The new platform has been designed with redundancy and quality in mind. The Express Cloud platform is built on first-class equipment, stores all customer data at least twice and reserves ample resources for growth and spikes in usage. Open source software is used whenever possible, allowing maximum flexibility and extendibility while ensuring the platform is future-proof.

With over 40,000 hosted servers, LeaseWeb is one of the largest and fastest-growing hosting providers in Europe. It already offers a highly successful range of IaaS products on its current platform, but noticed a growing trend towards products that allow customers to purchase only the features they require:


“We listen closely to our customers, prioritizing our product development with the help of their feedback. This is our first step towards giving our customers full control over functionality in the LeaseWeb Cloud. For our Express Cloud product, we went through a careful design process – building an entirely new platform that helps turn the LeaseWeb Cloud portfolio into a flexible set of building blocks for our customers' infrastructure,” says Robert van der Meulen, Manager Cloud at LeaseWeb.


LeaseWeb has prepared an ambitious roadmap for the coming years, to include further development of the platform and transformation into a commodity IaaS product that enables customers to purchase, customize and utilize capacity as they see fit.


To celebrate the launch, LeaseWeb has a special offer for customers. For a limited time, customers who purchase a LeaseWeb Express Cloud instance will receive an introductory discount for the entire duration of their contract. More information can be found on the LeaseWeb website.