StopBadware is a nonprofit anti-malware organization that coordinates and brings together stakeholders throughout the internet ecosystem. StopBadware’s presence is growing across the globe, especially in Europe where several major internet hubs are located. By uniting the industry, StopBadware intends to create a common, transparent view on dealing with issues associated with all types of malware.

The relationship with StopBadware is the latest step in LeaseWeb’s Community Outreach Project, offering free servers and bandwidth in support of organizations that monitor, identify and combat the sources of spam and cybercrime. LeaseWeb is helping StopBadware to explore ways to expand capacity for aggregating and sharing data relating to malware on the web. LeaseWeb is the first European hosting provider to provide StopBadware with infrastructure support, delivering high-end dedicated servers to the non-profit organization.

In addition, LeaseWeb is a member of the StopBadware Partners Forum; an ongoing series of dedicated expert discussions to discuss and advance StopBadware projects, share experience and identify new ways to combat threats.

Maxim Weinstein, President & Executive Director of StopBadware, said: “LeaseWeb has been invaluable in providing us with free support and giving StopBadware and its partners an understanding of differences in the constraints and environment of hosting providers operating in Europe. This expertise will really help us to make this a collective, global effort to fight crime on the Web.”

Alex De Joode, Security Officer, LeaseWeb, added: “The overall objective of our Community Outreach Program is to make the internet a safer place for all users. Non-profit organizations often have very few resources to work with, so we see it as a benefit to our customers and their users to support initiatives like StopBadware. With the insight and data that StopBadware can provide, LeaseWeb can pro-actively take steps to quickly identify the sources of potentially harmful online activity. This concept of collaboration and collective spirit is one that we endorse in helping to make the Web safer.”