LeaseWeb CDN, part of global hosting infrastructure services brand LeaseWeb, has added resell functionality to its high-capacity content delivery network (CDN). Through an easy-to-use control panel and a full set of APIs, LeaseWeb Partners will be able to take advantage of the growing demand for online video and high-volume rich media content by offering their customers a high-performance global CDN service.


The new resell functionality of LeaseWeb CDN is targeted at value added resellers (VARs), IT consultants, web agencies, system integrators, and managed services providers, amongst others, and is available through selective programs of the LeaseWeb Partner Network (LPN). 


The pure SSD-powered CDN offering has been developed in-house and was launched in 2013, running on a growing number of SuperPoPs around the globe with vast amounts of compute and caching power. The added resell functionality accelerates and simplifies CDN enablement for LeaseWeb Partners by providing straightforward configuration and management capabilities through an easy-to-use control panel, as well as RESTful APIs.


“In line with our reinforced focus on channel development we’ve decided to offer advanced resell functionalities to all trusted LeaseWeb Partners,” said Julien Lehman, LeaseWeb CDN Manager.


“Demand for performance and operational agility is exploding, which provides an excellent opportunity for the channel community. The added resell functionality is ideal for providers who want to launch a new service and CDN specialists that are looking for an improved service on more favorable terms. Thanks to our RESTful APIs and easy-to-use control panel, it’s also suitable for large corporations that want to consolidate their IT infrastructure and manage content across multiple brands more easily,” added Julien Lehman.


Additional SuperPoP to launch in Miami


LeaseWeb CDN was designed from the ground up using next-generation technology. Unlike CDNs of the past, which relied on many different servers in many locations, LeaseWeb CDN uses a smaller number of powerful nodes – dubbed SuperPoPs by the company –at key locations worldwide. These SuperPoPs tap into one of the world’s largest IP networks, which has more than 4.0 Tbps of available bandwidth capacity. Currently, LeaseWeb CDN’s SuperPoPs are strategically placed across Europe (Amsterdam, Frankfurt), the U.S. (Manassas, San Jose) and Asia (Singapore). Within one month, a new SuperPoP will go live in Miami, which will enhance performance for Latin American end-users.