In recent years, the company with its Dutch roots has grown to become one of the world’s largest hosting providers, managing over 60,000 servers. LeaseWeb is relocating from Haarlem to Amsterdam. The new LeaseWeb office is located in one of the world’s foremost Internet hubs - in Amsterdam Zuid-Oost at Luttenbergweg 8, in a prominently visible location along the A9 highway. In Amsterdam Zuid-Oost, all the important telecom carriers’ cables culminate, including those of Colt, Cogent, Abovenet, and Level3. LeaseWeb’s previous headquarters in Haarlem had become too small for the undertaking.

LeaseWeb’s new office formerly housed ING Bank. The premises have been thoroughly renovated and redesigned in recent months. The building’s owner is Rijkswaterstaat, the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management. Its 6,700 square metres of office space will facilitate LeaseWeb’s further expansion.

Similarities between Guus Hiddink and LeaseWeb

In Amsterdam Zuid-Oost, LeaseWeb uses various data centers to accommodate a number of their servers that are used as platform for delivering hosting solutions. These include cloud servers, dedicated servers, virtual servers and tailored hybrid hosting solutions. Besides a Dutch presence, LeaseWeb has subsidiaries in the United States (Manassas) and Germany (Frankfurt), and a sales office in the United Kingdom (London).

The reason Guus Hiddink has been asked to perform the official opening of the new office building is that there are striking similarities between his career trajectory and the way LeaseWeb has developed to become a worldwide hosting brand.

“With his soccer successes, Guus Hiddink has demonstrated that the Dutch are capable of major accomplishments at an international level,” explains Con Zwinkels, LeaseWeb’s Managing Director. “That’s even the case if you have to operate in a highly competitive business environment. The hosting industry is a perfect example of a market with tight competition, particularly at an international scale. Despite this, LeaseWeb has managed to achieve around 40 percent year-on-year growth in this international market since 2007. Leaseweb’s continuing strong growth proves that with a sound management vision, a targeted approach, a strong team of professional staff, and a needs-based customer proposition, Dutch companies can achieve major economic success at the international level.”