AFAS Software will soon be extending its Private Cloud infrastructure to a second data center location within the LeaseWeb network. The reason for the extension is the popularity of AFAS' SaaS solution - AFAS Online. By investing now in additional storage capacity, the software company is guaranteed optimal uptime and stability of the cloud infrastructure into the future.


AFAS Software has utilized LeaseWeb's Private Cloud solution for AFAS Online since 2009. The Leusden-based software company chose this infrastructure specifically due to its excellent scalability and the efficient manner in which the platform can be structured. AFAS Software was additionally prompted to opt for a Private Cloud construction because of the importance the company attaches to knowing where the application and the data are actually located. LeaseWeb also provides the configuration of the virtual machines, firewalls and load balancers, including 24/7 monitoring and support.


The Private Cloud solution is built on a fully clustered server architecture based on VMware, and is housed in one of the secure and advanced data centers in the LeaseWeb network. As AFAS Software's clients expect optimal uptime from AFAS Online, it has been decided to also locate the application and the data at a second data center within the same network. This additionally enhances the availability and stability of the infrastructure. 


"AFAS Software has been a highly valued client of ours for many years. LeaseWeb is committed to providing maximum customer satisfaction on a daily basis for AFAS Software and the end customers who use AFAS Online. I am proud that the trust in a partnership with LeaseWeb has been converted into a new contract”, comments Ruud Mous, Commercial Director for LeaseWeb.


“The partnership with LeaseWeb has been very successful in recent years. So we have no hesitation in entrusting our hosting environment to LeaseWeb for the next three years”, says Rolf de Jong, Architecture & Innovation Director with AFAS Software. “Hosting is an essential part of our online ERP solution. A reliable and secure hosting environment coupled with optimal uptime are crucial to us because the ERP application is business critical for many of our clients. We simply can't afford to take any risk with this. LeaseWeb meets all our requirements, so the decision to extend the contract was easily made.”