AMS-01: State-of-the-art green data center in the Amsterdam region.

A highly secure data center with excellent connections and a spacious data floor area of more than 9,000 square meters (97,000 square feet). ISO 9001 certified.

This data center has superior growth opportunities for LeaseWeb customers. AMS-01 can easily expand to 40,000 square meters (431,000 square feet). The AMS-01 data center infrastructure has been carefully designed to facilitate growth with available autonomous A+B power supplies, dual generator sets, and backup battery UPS to provide assured continuous power delivery to LeaseWeb customers. The current capacity of 20 MW can be expanded up to 40-80 MW of on-demand power.

Powerful Security

This data center is fully protected by a VESDA fire suppression system as well as fire resistant walls and design throughout the facility for maximum structural integrity and the protection of valuable customer server infrastructure.

Fully CO2-Neutral

AMS-01 is a data center with sterling green credentials. Its operations are fully CO2-neutral, achieved by significant energy savings, the use of green energy, and investments in worldwide green projects – in cooperation with the Climate Neutral Group – carefully designed to restore the CO2 balance in the atmosphere and preserve our environment for future generations.

Further significant energy savings have been achieved within this data center by using technologies such as Cold Aisle Corridor (which promote efficient server cooling by concentrating and trapping the cool supply air, where it is needed most, at the server intake. By enclosing the entire cold aisle, so cool air does not escape, and the warm air from the hot aisle does not re-circulate to the server intake, we greatly increase cooling efficiency, requiring substantially less energy for cooling); and Free Cooling (provided by feeding cooler outside filtered air into the data center, when climate temperatures are favorable, eliminating the use of mechanical refrigeration, saving substantial energy costs).

Award-Winning Energy Efficiency

In 2009, a report issued by the German Federal Ministry of the Environment described AMS-01 as one of the world’s most energy saving data centers. In the Netherlands, AMS-01 joined a group of 16 leading IT companies in signing the Multi Year Energy Efficiency Agreement (MJA). The MJA aims to realize 30% energy efficiency over a period of 15 years.

As an early member of the Green Grid, AMS-01 is continuously searching for new ways to improve the energy efficiency within the data center environment. The Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) is a standard industry metric of energy efficiency. The PUE at AMS-01 currently equals 1.2, which is extremely low compared to the average of most commercial data centers worldwide and AMS-01 continues to improve on it. (The PUE equals total facility power divided by IT equipment power. Lower is better, and the best is 1.0, or no wasted energy at all.)

Visit the EvoSwitch website for more information about the AMS-01 data center. LeaseWeb customers can use the logos of The Green Fan Partner Program on their websites to show that they use a climate-neutral data center and promote environmentally friendly IT policies.