WDC-01: Data security meets unrivaled reliability.

An award-winning data center in Manassas, VA that combines fast connectivity with robust environmental control and security.

Across 223,130 square feet with 100,000 square feet of raised data center flooring, WDC-01 has been designed to the highest possible standards. This facility leverages faster connections supported by a range of environmental features to provide maximum availability for your data.

The entire facility is also protected by federal-grade security that meets the stringent demands of DOD and DCID compliance.

Powerful Government-Grade Security

With proximity to government hubs, WDC-01 is home to sensitive data that is served through direct dark fiber connections. This is in addition to the confidential data that may be stored on corporate servers. The security of the devices within the facility is paramount.

WDC-01 meets strict federal security standards using vehicle arrest barriers, guarded entrances, biometric access controls, and video surveillance. In addition to being DOD, DCID, PCI DSS and SSAE 16 compliant, WDC-01 is also well prepared for businesses that require FISMA and ITIL certification.

Award-Winning Energy Efficiency

WDC-01 is optimized for performance and reliability, with block-redundant electric generation and an entire floor dedicated to additional power and cooling. Even with its exhaustive approach to power, the facility remains a landmark of energy efficiency.

WDC-01 has achieved a LEED Gold rating, as well as the 2009 Northern Virginia Technology Council Green Award for work toward carbon footprint abatement. The core features of this green building include a green roof alongside a greenscreen® exterior envelope to reduce wasted energy.

Currently, WDC-01 has a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) rating of 1.3, translating to a 35% saving over most other data centers.

In turn, LeaseWeb USA can leverage these savings to offer hosting solutions in a state-of-the-art data center at competitive prices.