Content distribution (CDN) included

The globally distributed LeaseWeb CDN delivers high availability, high speed and high reliability while keeping costs low. It also offers benefits such as DDoS protection, SSL certification, geoblocking, hotlink protection and real-time analysis and statistics to give you total control of your content.

Cut & paste web integration

If you are using your own website to show your content we’ll give you pre-defined code that you can simply cut & paste to embed your live video. Using HTML5 or other applications for various mobile platforms, the code ensures your content plays on any device anywhere.

Smooth quality switching

To align all streams of different quality levels perfectly together we constantly check all streams to ensure the end user doesn’t notice any switching.

360 VR supported

Using adaptive bitrate video streaming and 4K quality, our platform provides a flawless live 360 video experience whether you ingest a flat 360 video stream or capture using a multi-camera setup. Check out how we helped Hardwell, the world’s #1 DJ, make the most of this technology.

Integrated streaming server

Our integrated streaming server carries out all the processing, encoding and encapsulation required to stream your content to subscribers. Fully scalable and using recognized standards like HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) and MPEG Dash, count on being able to serve your content reliably now and in the future.