Go (golang) version 1.3 is released


Version 1.3 of Go (golang) was released yesterday! Here is a summary of the changes that are announced in the blog:

  1. Performance improvements to garbage collector, stack management strategy, race detector, and regular expression engine.
  2. Overhaul of the Go linker which can speed up incremental builds for large projects.
  3. The gc toolchain now supports the NaCl execution sandbox which permits the safe execution of untrusted code.
  4. Godoc now performs static analysis, making it easier than ever to navigate and understand Go programs
  5. Experimental support for the DragonFly BSD, Plan 9, and Solaris operating systems (when installed from source).
  6. The garbage collector is now precise when examining stacks; read the release notes carefully if you have unsafe code.

Everybody should upgrade to this new stable version. You can follow our (updated) recent post on installing Go if you need help.