LibreOffice 4.1.0 Final (released 2013-07-25)

Yesterday (on 2013-07-25) LibreOffice 4.1.0 Final was released. This is good news for people running Linux, Windows or Mac, since the software is available for all three platforms.

They call it “a landmark for interoperability”, because it mainly contains compatibility fixes. This is a version you should upgrade to, because it will make your “free Office” experience even smoother.

Let’s get to a selection of the new features:

  • Add “Match Case” option to the search bar.
  • Improvements to Microsoft OOXML import and export filters
  • Improvements to legacy Microsoft Office and RTF file filters
  • Font embedding in Writer, Calc, Impress and Draw
  • Support for Mac OS X for PowerPC has been dropped.
  • Calc: Excel 2013 for ODF OpenFormula compatibility.
  • Calc: Import large HTML documents with more than 64k table cells
  • Calc: Count the number of selected cells.
  • Calc: Add a Stepped Lines line type to Line and XY (Scatter) graphs.
  • Writer: Comments to text ranges can now span over multiple paragraphs.
  • Writer: Rotate images in 90 degree increments.
  • Impress: It is now easy to include a series of photos with the “Photo Album” feature.