A series of quotes from Richard Stallman

Richard (Matthew) Stallman, often known by his initials, RMS, is a software freedom activist and computer programmer. He is a great speaker that makes some strong statements that are definitely worth being aware of, since they also well substantiated by extensive arguments. In this post, we will look at three videos featuring Richard Stallman and list some quotes that may spark your interest in the context in which they were said.

1) Richard Stallman: We’re heading for a total disaster (24:30)

In this interview from 2012, Richard is talking about the dangers of Extreme Capitalism (NB: contains religious and political views).

  1. “..a program is free or proprietary depending on whether the users control the program or the program controls the users..” [2:04-2:12]
  2. “I saw myself facing a life of proprietary software and it was ugly, it was disgusting.” [5:13-5:19]
  3. “Free software combines capitalist ideas, socialist ideas and anarchist ideas, it does not fit in any of those camps.”  [8:18-8:26]
  4. “You father was assuming that when you buy something you control it, and this used to be true, and often it still is true, but not with software.” [10:16-10:26]
  5. “..Microsoft Windows has known malicious features. [It] has features to spy on the user, features to restrict the user, these are called ‘digital handcuffs’, and it has known back-doors..” [10:46-10:56]
  6. “The recent Apple products, the ‘i-things’ have known spy-features, know ‘digital handcuffs’, the nastiest ever, and a known back-door.” [11:05-11:16]

2) Richard Stallman Talks About Ubuntu (6:10)

In this 2013 video, Richard Stallman talks about Ubuntu and its privacy invading features (see related blog).

  1. “Ubuntu has an unusual flaw, which is: it is spyware” [1:38-1:43]

3) Richard Stallman: The Danger of Software Patents (1:57:30)

In 2005, Richard Stallman explains at the University of Calgary (Canada) thoroughly what he thinks about software patents.

  1. “I don’t have an opinion about ‘Intellectual Property’. I have opinions about copyright law. I have a different opinions about patent law. I have an even different opinions about trademark law. I think of these three different subjects separately, and I hope that you will too.” [2:13-2:35]
  2. “You might also think: Let me find out about all the patents that might restrict this program, and then I can try to deal with all of them; that is impossible.” [15:58-16:07]
  3. “They quoted an engineer saying: I can’t recognize my own inventions in patentees [claims].” [24:34-24:38]