LeaseWeb Labs celebrates 670k unique visitors in 2014

Now that 2014 is over, it is a good time to look back with some facts on our blog’s traffic.

The 5 most popular post of 2014

#1 – 10 tools for PHP developers in Ubuntu 14.04
This post explains what a developer needs to install in Ubuntu 14.04. It is found by people searching for a PHP IDE in Ubuntu Linux.

#2 – Text mode 2048 game in C, algorithm explained
People searching for the 2048 game algorithm seem find this post a lot and the source code on Github has received over 100 stars.

#3 – PyCon 2014, full conference on YouTube
PyCon was great and so was the traffic on our website when we listed all the talks. Thank you PyCon for publishing them!

#4 – Blocking Google and Facebook tracking using Ad Block Plus and Ghostery
The popular opinion that Google and Facebook know way too much about us may be the reason for this posts popularity.

#5 – Testing framework using Maven, TestNG and Webdriver
This is a very good and technical post by Grygorii Gerashchenko on automated testing based on Java technology.

Unique visitors in 2014

Also we are very proud of the amount of unique visitors we have seen on the blog this year (compared to last year):


As you can see the year 2014 was a very good year for LeaseWeb Labs. Some facts:

  • We have welcomed 670k unique visitors in 2014 as counted by Count Per Day!
  • We have maintained the high post rate of 2013 with more than 6 posts per month.
  • Even without viral hits on social bookmarking sites we now reach 60k unique visitors per month!
  • We went from 1500 unique visitors per day in 2013 to 2000 unique visitors per day in 2014.
  • This year we received almost half our visitors from Google (Search) were it was one third in 2013.

Post frequency

It takes quite some effort and writing discipline to build a popular blog. These are the statistics on our post behavior:


Let’s hope 2015 will be again a great year with lots of interesting posts. Please keep reading at LeaseWeb Labs!



LeaseWeb labs celebrates 7000 visitors per month

Figure 1: WordPress Count per Day plugin showing the number of visitors and reads of this blog

The LeaseWeb labs blog is getting more and more popular every day. This month we had more than 300 reads per day from our 7000 visitors in the month of April. Looking at the previous months we were seeing 6500 visitors in March and 5300 for February.

Please keep visiting our blog and tell us what you would like to write us about in the comments. Also please like us on Facebook, share our links through Twitter and other social media.

Thank you for visiting!


2 Click Social Media Buttons

There is a strict cookie law in the European Union stating (source:

Information to be provided

Cookies or similar devices must not be used unless the subscriber or user of the relevant terminal equipment:

(a) is provided with clear and comprehensive information about the purposes of the storage of, or access to, that information; and

(b) has given his or her consent.

And also stating:

Exemptions from the right to refuse a cookie

The Regulations specify that service providers should not have to provide the information and obtain consent where that device is to be used:

(a) for the sole purpose of carrying out or facilitating the transmission of a communication over an electronic communications network; or

(b) where such storage or access is strictly necessary to provide an information society service requested by the subscriber or user.

Not everybody knows that social media buttons (provided by social media networks) set cookies and track user behavior. We are talking about the standard Facebook-Like button (or Twitter/Google+/LinkedIn/etc) buttons you see under almost every post on a blog. Clicking these buttons register that the reader liked the post. This may be beneficial for the writer of the article, because this way the article is spread faster. Unfortunately the buttons also transmit information to the social media networks when the reader did not click them. This is not communicated to the reader, but also not necessary to provide the requested service and thus in violation of the cookie law.

A solution is described in the (German) article 2 clicks for more data protection. It makes you click twice: once to enable the button and the second click is the actual “like” or “recommend”. This is a very user-friendly solution that we have enabled on our website (as you can see below).

For more information you may want to read the (hard to understand) cookie directive (source:

(66) Third parties may wish to store information on the equipment of a user, or gain access to information already stored, for a number of purposes, ranging from the legitimate (such as certain types of cookies) to those involving unwarranted intrusion into the private sphere (such as spyware or viruses). It is therefore of paramount importance that users be provided with clear and comprehensive information when engaging in any activity which could result in such storage or gaining of access. The methods of providing information and offering the right to refuse should be as user-friendly as possible. Exceptions to the obligation to provide information and offer the right to refuse should be limited to those situations where the technical storage or access is strictly necessary for the legitimate purpose of enabling the use of a specific service explicitly requested by the subscriber or user. Where it is technically possible and effective, in accordance with the relevant provisions of Directive 95/46/EC, the user’s consent to processing may be expressed by using the appropriate settings of a browser or other application. The enforcement of these requirements should be made more effective by way of enhanced powers granted to the relevant national authorities.