Symfony2 CRUD generator

I have ran into a real hidden gem. A YouTube user called “goyocode” has put an excellent series on using the CRUD generator in Symfony2 online. The links are below:

0. How to Generate an Entity in Symfony2 (11:41)

1. How to Generate a Repository in Symfony2 (1:20)

2. How to Generate CRUD for an Entity in Symfony2 (4:36)

3. How to Install and Configure the Sonata Admin Bundle (11:19)

4. How to Create a ManyToMany Relationship with Doctrine2 & Symfony2 (27:35)

5. Hack to Update a ManyToMany Relationship Through the Inverse Side in Doctrine2  (4:00)

It clearly explains the process of generating applications using the (Doctrine) CRUD generator in video’s 0,1 and 2. In video 3 the (Sonata) admin generator is explained.  Video 4 and 5 explain the more advanced entity relationships “ManyToMany” and “inversed ManyToMany”.