Hello, world!

Welcome to LeaseWeb Labs!

This might not be the first post on here, but it still seems like a good idea to have this welcome post.
The LeaseWeb Labs blog is an initiative from LeaseWeb’s IT department, to create a place where technically focused people can post about technical subjects. As (research, product and maintenance) departments, we get confronted with all dark and murky corners of development and engineering. It seems a shame to keep all that knowledge and learning for ourselves, so we decided to start sharing it here.

Things we’ll be posting about will vary; we have engineers working on high-traffic delivery systems, developers building front-ends for our various systems, and teams working on a pretty interesting new cloud platform – so you can expect information, howto’s and insights about almost any (IT related) subject. As we work in the hosting industry, there is definitely a bias towards hosting-related information 🙂

Some of these posts are aimed at basic system administration or development, and some will be more about complex scalability and high performance systems. We try to have something for everyone, but do let us know if there is something specific you want to hear about – you can contact us via the twitter account, on facebook, or use the comment system below.

To get you started, we’ve already placed a few articles that might interest you:

High availability load balancing using HAProxy on Ubuntu: Sander gives you a practical howto on implementing a basic high availability setup – part #1 in a series on high availability.

Scalable RDBMS: Mukesh is our scalability guru, and used to work on extremely high traffic (web) systems. He’s writing a first post in a series on scalable databases.

Tuning Zend framework and Doctrine: Alexander works mainly in PHP, and gives you some pointers on starting a customized Zend/Doctrine project to make it an even better combination.

We hope this gives you a general feeling of what we’re planning to do – and will be posting more. Any requests or comments are welcome!