Memcache Bundle for Symfony updated!


We have released version 2 of our Symfony Memcache Bundle. The 3 biggest improvements are:

  • Added Windows support
  • PHP 5.4+ without notices and/or warnings
  • High availability support with redundancy configuration

This actually was a major refactoring. We switched from the PECL “memcached” to the PECL “memcache” (without ‘d’) extension. Only version 3 (which is still in beta) of this extension is supported currently, but this version is quite stable actually. Most of the features of the bundle have not been altered. The Memcache(Pool) object is deliberately not abstracted. This is done to allow for unrestricted access to the underlying implementation. The flags parameter is now supported and this is the third argument on a “set” instruction. You may have to alter your code for this, which may be annoying, but we promise to keep the API stable in this major version that may again last for a few years.

Some articles we have written about the bundle are:

Let us know your experience with this new version.

Download LswMemcacheBundle from Github


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