Open source privacy tools µBlock and µMatrix

In the past we have been giving some attention to the tools Adblock Plus and RequestPolicy when we talked about enhancing your privacy and security online.

“The user decides what web content is acceptable or not in their browser.” – µBlock manifesto

Today we want to introduce you to two alternative (open source) tools for this, made by Raymond Hill: µBlock and µMatrix


This is a simple tool, comparable to Adblock Plus, but it is open source and light-weight and very user friendly. This tool uses the approach and block-lists as AdBlock Plus and has the main advantage of being more lightweight as you can see in the graph below:


Source code and more information:


This tool is comparable to RequestPolicy and is aimed at blocking non first party requests, like RequestPolicy. It has a nice matrix that you can easily click to allow/disallow certain requests. I have found that it works much better as it also allows related 3rd party domains. For instance is not blocked on, where RequestPolicy would block it.


Source code and more information:


On the following links you find the installable extensions for Chromium and Firefox:


Both tools enhance your security and privacy online. They are easy to use and have great integration with the free Chrome (Chromium) browser. Unfortunately µMatrix is not yet available for Firefox, but this may only be a matter of time. I would highly recommend to use both tools in your Chromium install and I would recommend µBlock also on Firefox.


5 thoughts on “Open source privacy tools µBlock and µMatrix”

  1. Thank you very much for the Chromium support! 😉

    Note µBlock is renamed as µBlock Origin now. It has a new logo too.

    I like very much these addons.


  2. @Jerry: Thank you for leaving a comment. The new name has a story to it as it was originally renamed to uBlock0, then removed and later re-added as uBlock Origin.

  3. Above ALL others, µBlock is a valued tool for Firefox.
    Is there any interest in providing µMatrix for Firefox, as well?
    Thanks, So Very Much for providing these tools.

  4. @Don: Interest? Yes! Effort? Not that I am aware of. Then again, it is open source and you can try to port it (many would be thankful):

    PS: I’m not the author, just a big fan, promoting what I believe is good software. All credits should go to Raymond Hill.

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