Symfony2 Guzzle bundle for cURL API calling

The LswGuzzleBundle adds Guzzle API call functionality to your Symfony2 application. It is easy to use from the code and is aimed to provide full debugging capabilities. source: Github

On Packagist, you can see that in the past two years we have published 10 LeaseWeb Symfony2 bundles. The latest and tenth addition to the list is the LswGuzzleBundle. It is an alternative for theĀ LswApiCallerBundle, so it also is a bundle that helps you to call API’s using cURL. The difference is that this bundle uses Guzzle as a wrapper for cURL.

Guzzle profiler and debugger

This bundle also adds a debug panel to your Symfony2, where you can find the cURL API calls Guzzle makes in your application. It provides profiling and extensive debugging capabilities to your Symfony2 application. We feel it is an essential bundle if you create an application that does not work with a database, but instead has an API as data store backend. Guzzle allows you to specify the parameters and and available calls in a Guzzle service description. Since this allows the bundle to understand the structure of the call, it will display the parsed parameters and output. This is an unique feature of this bundle.


Open source

The bundle is MIT licensed. You can find it at:

As always there is a readme documentation on GitHub to get you started.


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