Subversion information in Symfony2


In december 2011 we created the lwTestingInformationPlugin for Symfony1. A lot has happened since: we migrated to Symfony 2.0 and later even to Symfony 2.1. Therefor we can no longer use that old plugin. We miss it, because it really helped our testers to identify the branche/tag or revision they were testing. That is why we ported it to Symfony2. We also added it to packagist so you can easily load it using composer. To install add the following to your ‘composer.json’ file:

    require: {
        "leaseweb/version-information-bundle": "dev-master"

The next thing you should do is install the bundle by executing the following command:

   php composer.phar install leaseweb/version-information-bundle

Finally, add the bundle to the registerBundles function of the AppKernel class in the ‘app/AppKernel.php’ file:

public function registerBundles()
    $bundles = array(
        // ...
        new Lsw\VersionInformationBundle\LswVersionInformationBundle(),
        // ...

Now the Subversion information should show up with a little ‘svn’ icon in your debug toolbar.

Do you like our bundles? You can find them on GitHub and Packagist!


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