Free multi-player games for OSX & Linux

Arcade style computer games can be fun. Even better when you can play them with your friends online. And it is really awesome when these games do not cost a dime! In this post I review my three favorite free cross platform multi-player arcade games.
A space shooter with very minimal vector graphics. Easy to get the hang of this game. Especially capture the flag mode is awesome. You win when you have good team play. Really light game, runs on virtually any hardware. Not as esthetically pleasing as the other two, unless you once were a big Asteroids video game fan.
A very well (vector) drawn cartoony shooter in 2D. It is a bit hard to learn the controls, since it is operated with mouse and keyboard together. Big differences in skill level might ruin the fun, but if the players are equally skilled this is a great game!
Armagetron Advanced
A 3D vector game based on Tron. A great game that is controlled by two keys: turn-left and turn-right. More fun than you can imagine. Has some awesome game modes as well. Not as user friendly as the other two games, but since the game is easy to learn it provides instant fun.
That’s all for now… have fun playing!

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