Mount Linux partition in Windows as drive using SSH

At LeaseWeb we strongly believe in open-source software. For development of our custom applications we use a lot of Linux environments. People often use Windows (on the desktop) and without proper tools collaboration can be hard. The following three tools are essential when combining Windows and Linux development:

  • PuTTY / PuTTYgen / Pageant
    To connect using, generate and manage keys
  • WinSCP
    File transfer program for SSH with support for Pageant (the key manager).
  • win-sshfs (using Dokan and SSH.NET library)
    Mount Linux partition in Windows as drive using SSH (unfortunately doesn’t seem to support Pageant yet).

I do not recommend to let Eclipse use the mounted Linux partition as local path, because it will start indexing and it may take a very long time. You can very conveniently edit your files using other tools (like Notepad++ or PoEdit for example).

For normal PHP development I would still recommend to run Eclipse (with PDT) locally on a Linux machine.


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