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Licensed iGaming in regulated markets is already a billion-dollar industry, and as more and more countries around the world pass remote gambling legislation, it will continue to surge. Being internet born and internet dependent, the iGaming industry has a necessity for reliable, secure, high-performance infrastructure. iGaming is rapidly growing and constantly evolving, so businesses within this sector such as online casinos, gaming platforms, and payment providers need to be resilient and move quickly to stay competitive.

An experienced hosting provider can ensure your audience has a seamless iGaming experience. It’s also important for iGaming businesses to partner with hosting experts to help them navigate through the industry’s stringent compliance guidelines, privacy concerns and security threats.

Benefits of our iGaming Hosting Solutions


An iGaming experience needs to be fast and secure so that audiences feel safe and in control when playing games and exchanging money. Our high-performance dedicated servers give you the raw power you need to deliver smooth and seamless online play. In addition to this, our underlying network will ensure low latency and high uptime.

Security and Compliance

iGaming businesses often struggle with security and compliance due to the number of regulations and the ongoing threat of cyber attacks. We provide expertise in the provision of hosting and managed services in highly regulated geographic locations, and have various cyber security products to protect you from threats such as DDoS attacks. All our data centers comply with crucial and stringent standards, such as ISO 27001, SOC type 1 and PCI DSS.


Nos solutions évolutives soutiennent le développement de votre activité. As you experience exponential growth, we will scale with you while remaining cost-efficient. Nos experts associent minutieusement les éléments d’infrastructure adaptés à la meilleure solution pour vos besoins métier.


Whether you are a game developer, online casino or payment provider, you need an architecture that's perfectly suited for your specific workloads. We can seamlessly integrate dedicated game servers, cloud, CDN and cyber security services into a hybrid iGaming hosting solution that's tailor-made for your most demanding workloads.

Présence mondiale

Online audiences from all over the world expect the highest levels of speed and quality. With our multitude of data centers in 4 continents, you'll have a fast and reliable performance across the globe with 99,999% core uptime. Furthermore, our state-of-the-art network delivers low latency to ensure a great user experience.


Every second of downtime can mean thousands in lost revenue, and a decrease in customer satisfaction. That’s why we have expert engineers with a deep understanding of the technical and business needs of internet-born companies, and a range of comprehensive SLAs to guarantee that your business is always up and running.

Le meilleur réseau du secteur

All components we use to create our hosting solutions are built on our state-of-the-art network. Thanks to over 20 years of expertise, we have created a lightning-fast, global network that delivers the lowest latency. At the core of everything we do, our network ensures that your iGaming platform or service is always available at the highest speed.

Composants de base

Our iGaming solutions consist of optimally combined core components matched to your needs.

Serveurs dédiés

Nous faisons appel à des serveurs dédiés ultra performants avec des options de bande passante élevée. This ensures great gameplay at the highest speed.  

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Our cloud technologies are ideal for games and platforms that require flexibility and scalability when your number of users grows exponentially.

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Notre portefeuille de réseaux de diffusion de contenu distribue votre contenu n’importe où dans le monde à une vitesse sans précédent. Résultat : vous optimisez la livraison instantanée d’analyses multimédia et marketing à vos clients.

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Ruban des add-ons


Your customer's data needs to be secure but you don't want to divert your attention from the business to maintaining your IT security. You can rely on us to protect your infrastructure against DDoS attacks and hackers with hardware- as well as cloud-based security services.

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Sauvegarde et retour à la normale

Aucune solution n'est complète sans une sauvegarde et restauration appropriées. Nous travaillons en partenariat avec deux des premiers fournisseurs au monde de protection des données, afin de pouvoir assurer la continuité de vos données et tâches.

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"Leaseweb exceeded our expectations as a reliable, scalable and cost-effective hosting provider. They also managed to maintain great communication with our team throughout."

- Jan Urbanec, VP of Sales, Endorphina.


“Leaseweb hosting is secure and reliable – and we were pleasantly surprised with the price and the customer service which has been extremely helpful."

- Andre Genovese, Operations Manager of YoBetIt.


"We chose Leaseweb because they could have meet our demanding requirements and provide great service. For us it was paramount to find a hosting provider that listens.“

- Kirill Timofeyev, CTO Ganapati.

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