What happens to my existing ServInt servers and/or services?

Over the course of the past months, Leaseweb and ServInt have teamed up to significantly improve your infrastructure. In order to ensure reliability, stability, and security we are currently working to migrate all of ServInt’s services to Leaseweb’s network.

Can I expect the same level of support for my servers and/or services?

Absolument ! There will be no changes to the level of customer service and support clients receive. Over the coming months and years this partnership will enhance our ability to serve and support your IT needs.

Who will manage my servers and/or services for me?

ServInt’s and Leaseweb’s support teams have been blended together and cross-trained to provide you with the same excellent customer service experience you are accustomed to.

Mon service actuel sera-t-il interrompu pendant un certain temps ?

During migrations, our team will collaborate with you to make the migration as seamless as possible. We are confident that interruptions will be limited.

Qui dois-je contacter si j'ai une question ou un problème ?

Although ServInt's Portal system is no longer accessible, you should have received your Leaseweb Portal access — at the primary account holders email address. At which point, you are now welcome to open tickets, make requests, and adjust your services directly through your Leaseweb Portal. Please feel free to visit https://auth.leaseweb.com/login to begin using your new Leaseweb systems. It's also worth mentioning that our Knowledge Base should be able to answer any and all questions you may have about your new customer portal (https://kb.leaseweb.com/customer-portal).

Les produits ServInt seront-ils toujours disponibles ?

Though we are no longer offering ServInt’s products, we are in the process of integrating ServInt’s Managed Services with Leaseweb’s solution. There will be more information available about our Managed Services products in the near future, but in the meantime, please contact sales@servint.com with any service or pricing related questions.

With the exception of services that are currently operated out of Los Angeles, which will be migrated to Leaseweb’s San Francisco cluster, all services will remain in their current geographic area.

Can I expect Leaseweb to manage my servers and/or services the same as ServInt does?

Oui. Vous pourrez continuer à utiliser vos processus habituels pour obtenir des services ou de l'aide. Leaseweb will not modify how your servers and/or services are currently managed.

Puis-je acheter des produits Leaseweb ?

Oui. Tous les services et produits Leaseweb sont disponibles pour les clients ServInt. You may either speak to your current ServInt account representative who can make an introduction to Leaseweb, or you may contact a Leaseweb Account Manager directly. Pour contacter Leaseweb, veuillez appeler le +1 (571) 814-3777 ou envoyer un courriel à sales@us.leaseweb.com. Nos conseillers sont également à votre disposition sur notre chat en ligne ou notre site internet.

Puis-je ajouter des services et produits Leaseweb à mes produits ServInt existants ?

Oui. You will have the same features and support request abilities as you’ve had all along. If you need to contact our Managed Services team, please open a support ticket under your Leaseweb Portal account (https://auth.leaseweb.com/login). 

Les tarifs de mes produits vont-ils changer ou augmenter ?

No. All current pricing remains the same. Please note some services and features may differ and that additional features may be available to purchase in addition to what you are currently paying. 

Que dois-je faire ?

Through months of meticulous planning, we are confident that you will only need to make limited – if any – changes on your end. De plus, nous sommes certains que vous serez heureux d'avoir un accès total aux services, potentialités et expertises conjugués de Leaseweb et ServInt. Contact your sales representative to find out what we can do for you.

When will everything be integrated into Leaseweb?

Though we have finished the bulk of the migrations to Leaseweb’s infrastructure already, we are committed to finishing the remainder service integrations before the end of the 2018 year.

When will I be able to continue use of the ServInt portal?

The ServInt portal will remain available until novembre 2018.  In November, the Leaseweb Customer Portal will take over.  Although it might be that some services are already fully migrated by that time, not all portal functionalities will be available.  In that case our team is standing by to fulfill any request you might have that you’d normally execute through the portal.

Will I be able to continue use of the ServInt portal?

Although ServInt's Portal system is no longer accessible, you should have received your Leaseweb Portal access — at the primary account holders email address. At which point, you can now open tickets, make requests, and adjust your services directly through your Leaseweb Portal. Please feel free to visit https://auth.leaseweb.com/login to begin using your new Leaseweb systems. It's also worth mentioning that our Knowledge Base should be able to answer any and all questions you may have about your new customer portal (https://kb.leaseweb.com/customer-portal).

What will happen to my ServInt sponsorship?

If you are a Bare Metal Server customer, private networking infrastructure can be set for your services. However, our ApacheCloud Stack products does not have private networking available.

Does the Leaseweb SLA differ from ServInt’s?

Yes, the Leaseweb SLA can be reviewed here.

Will my data be automatically migrated to Leaseweb?

Oui. Unless indicated differently, all your services including the data will be migrated over to the applicable Leaseweb service.

How do I update PTR/rDNS records for my IP address(es)?

Please see the following Knowledge Base article here.

Will I be able to configure private networking with Leaseweb services?

If you are a Bare Metal Server customer, private networking infrastructure can be set for your services. However, our ApacheCloud Stack products does not have private networking available.

Who does Leaseweb currently peer with?

Click here to see Leaseweb’s current peers.

What is Leaseweb’s peering policy?

Information on Leaseweb’s peering policy can be found here.

Where can I find general information on the Leaseweb network as well as maintenance/outages?

Leaseweb network information can be found here

Maintenance information can be found here.

Outage reports can be found here.

Does LeaseWeb have a looking glass?

Yes, the looking glass can be found here.

Will I still be able to route my own IPs on your network?

Oui.  Leaseweb can route your IP addresses in the manner requested, subject to the approval of our Network Operations team, and once the appropriate fees and a valid LOA are received

How will DDoS mitigation be handled? Is there any sort of automated process for DDoS mitigation?

Manual null routes can be set from the Leaseweb Customer Portal for all services, excluding shared Web Hosting. Additionally, automated null routes are performed by Leaseweb’s DDoS mitigation system to protect all devices. For more details, please see:



Will IP renumbering be a factor in the migration to Leaseweb?

No. Your current IP space will remain available to you unless discussed otherwise.

Will I be able to request additional IP addresses from the Leaseweb Customer Portal?

No, but you can send a request to Leaseweb at sales@us.leaseweb.com.

Will there be any changes to IP transit carriers/removal of carriers?

With the migration, Leaseweb’s standard blend of carriers become available, which will provide more capacity and more diversity than your existing network infrastructure.

Can I still purchase backup services?

Yes.  Although ServInt included basic backups with some solutions, Leaseweb utilizes Acronis backups, which are far more reliable, configurable, faster, and hosted off-site. Given the increased value Leaseweb’s backup services provide, there will be an additional cost should you wish to include backups moving forward. For more information, please visit: https://www.leaseweb.com/add-ons/backup/acronis

Will I be able to manage my DNS records for my domain(s) from the Leaseweb Customer Portal?

Yes, Leaseweb allows for DNS record management from our Customer Portal. See the following Knowledge Base article for additional information.

How do I register a domain through Leaseweb?

Please see the following Knowledge Base article.

Serveurs dédiés

How will my current server package differ from the new solution under Leaseweb’s infrastructure?

If you are on one of ServInt’s Bare Metal Dedicated Servers, the solution will be nearly identical, with at least the same or possibly newer components (CPU, RAM, Storage). For ServInt’s Flex Dedicated Customer’s you will be migrated to a Bare Metal Dedicated Server with the same or better resource allocations. Though your solution will no longer include scalable RAM or storage, you will still receive backups, but will no longer have to worry about your virtualization layer consuming your server’s resources.

Will my device naming scheme persist after the integration?

Oui. Although Leaseweb uses a different naming convention to identify hardware assets, your device(s) will receive the ‘customer device name’ as you are accustomed to. This way, you will still be able to recognize the specific machines within your infrastructure.

What does this format of my dedicated server location mean 0e.g. WDC-01 – 206 – XX16)?

In this example, the sub location for the Washington DC data center is Suite 206 Cabinet XX16.

I’m on an unmanaged server currently, how can I troubleshoot issues with my server once I’m on Leaseweb’s infrastructure?

Your IPMI is accessible through an OpenVPN profile that you can download and connect with utilizing the OpenVPN software. Additional information can be found here.

Will I still be able to order custom hardware that is not listed on the Leaseweb website?

Yes, subject to approval by the Sales department. You can reach us at sales@us.leaseweb.com.


Will my credit balance be moved over to my Leaseweb account?


How do I request cancellation of services?

Services can be canceled from within the Leaseweb Customer Portal. For detailed information, please see this Knowledge Base article.

Will my billing cycle change?

Most billing cycles will not change as they were already on a “first of the month” to “end of month” schedule. If you were previously on a different schedule, you will see this change as of janvier 01, 2019. On janvier 01, you will be billed for the month of January and any prorated period prior to then that has not already been invoiced. The invoice that went out on décembre 01 will show you what period that covers.

Will I be able to retain my current discounts?

Your pricing will not change for your services, however, if you are a UK customer, you will see the VAT added to your invoice if you have not supplied us with your VAT number.

Will my pricing change?

Yes, though they may appear differently on your invoice.

Am I still able to pay by bank wire? If so, what account should I send funds to?

Please see the Knowledge Base article for banking information and payment methods.

 Do I need to update my autopay information

If you are already set up on autopay, you do not need to update your information at this time. Autopay will go through around the 3rdof the month. If you would like to set up autopay or update the card on file, you can do that through the portal.

 Where should I send my payments to?

Payment information can be found at https://kb.leaseweb.com/billing/payments#Payments-LeasewebUSApaymentdetails.

 Do you offer automated paypal payments?

Yes we do. Please refer to https://kb.leaseweb.com/billing/payments#Payments-LeasewebUSApaymentdetails.

 Where can I see my old ServInt invoices?

Although your previous ServInt invoices are no longer accessible in your portal, you are welcome to contact ar@us.leaseweb.com, and we’ll be happy to provide you with copies for your records.


Will the ServInt email be forwarded to the equivalent Leaseweb email address?

ServInt email addresses have either been forwarded to the equivalent Leaseweb addresses or configured to send automatic replies indicating that they are no longer active with a message including the new contact information.

What does the “New” ticket status indicate in the Leaseweb Customers Portal?

Tickets with a status of “New” simply means that no reply has yet been made.  Once there is a response, the status changes to “Open”.  After the ticket is resolved, the status will reflect “Closed”.

Will my tickets be immediately transferred over to Leaseweb? 

Since ServInt's Portal systems was proprietary, there is not a way to easily integrate it with Leaseweb's systems. At which point, although we are keeping an archive of ServInt's old ticketing system, it will not be accessible externally. However, you are welcome to reference past tickets, and our team will be able to access and review them upon request. Otherwise, all new tickets will come through the Leaseweb portal system.

Will I still be able to request on-demand support (remote hands)?

Yes, Leaseweb also refers to this type of service as “Advanced Support”, in which allotted service time per month is specified in their SLA tiers. Click here for additional information.


How do I remove my IP address(es) from a blacklist?

See this Knowledge Base article for the steps.

How should I handle/respond to abuse complaints on my account?

See this Knowledge Base article for the steps.

How do I configure abuse notifications for a different email address?

See this Knowledge Base article for information.

How do I handle an abuse complaint that I disagree with?

See this Knowledge Base article for information.

SSL Certificates

How do I order an SSL certificate?

See the Knowledge Base article for the steps.

Will I be able to utilize two-factor authentication on my Leaseweb account?


How do I add an authorized contact to my account?

Additional contacts can be added under the Contact Management section. In the future, you will also be able to manage the access of each user’s account.


How do I configure bandwidth notifications?

See the following Knowledge Base article for the steps.

How do I configure notifications for network maintenance?

In the Leaseweb Customer Portal, you can configure your network notification at: Notification Settings > Network Operation.

How do I configure my email address to receive newsletters?

In the Leaseweb Customer Portal, you can configure your newsletter settings at: Notification Settings > Newsletter.

Data Center Locations

How do I order a server in countries outside the United States?

A separate account will be created for each country you wish to order service in because the terms of service and other legal agreements differ from location to location. Once the new location’s account has been created, we will be happy to link them together for you.

For linking multiple accounts, see our Knowledge Base article.

Where can I find speed test download locations?

Speed test download links can be found here.