Manassas, VA, 10 avril 2019 - Leaseweb USA, a leading hosting and cloud services company, today announced that for the third year it will be sponsoring the annual Manassas Airshow on 4 mai 2019 at the Manassas Regional Airport. From the beginning, it has been a highlight of the year for Leaseweb.

The show will feature aerial demonstrations by the U.S. Air Force, The Flying Circus Wingwalkers, 3rd Dimension Parachute Team and more. The afternoon will be filled with fun and entertainment for families from all around the Northern Virginia area. It also highlights the history of Leaseweb and it’s co-founders Con Zwinkels and Laurens Rosenthal. From the beginning, the two founders of Leaseweb have been inspired by their experience as pilots to create a company that empowers and connects the increasingly digital world.

“When pilots are flying, there is no room for error. They have to have a laser focus and unwavering attention to precision in order to avoid the slightest slip up that could be catastrophic,” said Lex Boost, CEO of Leaseweb USA. “At Leaseweb, we strive to offer the same expertise and approach to our customers which is why we’re excited to sponsor this show each year and feel right at home at the airfield. We are inspired by the pilots and hope to duplicate their attention to their craft and their mission of connecting people.”

“Working with Leaseweb as a partner over the years has ensured that the airshow is able to continue to give back to the community year after year,” said Kevin Rychlik, Manassas Airshow co-chairman. “They really understand the pilot’s mentality and are eager to share and learn from people in all facets of the aviation industry. Personally, I find it inspiring to spend time with all the amazing pilots and volunteers that join us each year and I know the Leaseweb team does, too.”

The show is free to attend. Donations will be accepted at all gates to benefit the Manassas Freedom Museum, Virginia Airborne Search & Rescue Squad and Civil Air Patrol: Prince William Composite Squadron

For more information about the Manassas Airshow, please visit

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