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LeaseWeb Launches Flat Fee CloudStack-powered Private Cloud Platform in the U.S.

LeaseWeb, one of the world’s largest hosting brands with a broad portfolio of on-demand cloud infrastructure ranging from virtual to bare metal , has unveiled an international expansion of its plug-and-play private cloud offering: LeaseWeb Private Cloud. The solution, launched by LeaseWeb USA, is a private cloud hosting platform that offers flat fee user access to dedicated pools of cloud resources.


Based on Apache CloudStack® open source technology, LeaseWeb Private Cloud is a plug-and-play private cloud solution where users can create and manage multiple instances alongside their own cloud resources, such as dedicated cores, RAM storage, virtual networks, firewalls, and load balancers.


This offering is built for tech-savvy cloud users, with dedicated cloud resource capacities reserved for individual clients. The solution is connected to an extensive worldwide network with a total capacity of more than 4.0 Tbps.


Geographically independent

The flat fee private cloud concept was initially introduced by LeaseWeb Netherlands in its home market and is now available in the U.S. from LeaseWeb USA, Inc. In order to meet compliance and data-integrity requirements, the private cloud platforms in both countries are wholly independent from each other.


“After a comprehensive evaluation and many positive reactions from early customers, we decided to expand our private cloud solution to the U.S. market,” said Robert van der Meulen, Manager Cloud at LeaseWeb. “The combination of our relationship with the Apache CloudStack open source community and the engineering skills of our own cloud specialists have enabled us to offer a private cloud solution that is packed with a huge amount of innovative features. We are particularly pleased about its pricing, with dedicated private cloud resources being offered against public cloud prices.”


Some of LeaseWeb Private Cloud’s 150+ features include: 

  • Dedicated cloud resources: Private cloud resources that are fully reserved for individual clients with no overbooking.
  • Extensive scalability: Unlimited cloud instance deployment options in minutes, with cloning and templating functionality that facilitates horizontal scaling.
  • Flat fee flexibility: Flat fee access to dedicated pools of cloud resources that can be allocated and adjusted as required.
  • User-friendly control panel: The intuitive cloud portal allows control over all Private Cloud components.
  • Fault-tolerant architecture: A fully redundant design with enterprise-grade technology.
  • Virtual networks: The ability to build multiple virtual networks that are interconnected or independent of each another.
  • Load balancers: Software-defined load balancing technology to meet high scalability requirements.
  • Firewalls: Software-defined firewall technology.
  • Snapshot management: The capability to take offline snapshots of disk volumes in order to simplify maintenance and backups.
  • Data Volume Management: Attach/detach and grow/shrink data volumes, as needed.
  • Customized installations: Clients can opt for tailor-made OS installs or templates.
  • Open API: The Apache CloudStack® API offers easy integration with existing or new applications.


LeaseWeb Private Cloud is housed in a Tier 3 data center located in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. LeaseWeb engineers have developed the solution not only for North American customers, but also for European clients with a North American presence or U.S. expansion plans.


Global private cloud coverage 

LeaseWeb plans to roll-out its flat fee private cloud technology to other locations worldwide throughout 2014, with the goal of full global coverage by the end of this year. This initiative is spearheaded by LeaseWeb’s German presence, LeaseWeb Deutschland GmbH, with an expected launch of a private cloud platform later this year. Other planned locations include Singapore and the U.S. West Coast. 


Future development of the LeaseWeb Private Cloud solution will continue to be based on the collaboration of LeaseWeb’s engineering department and the open source community. “Our developers maintain strong ties with the Apache open source community,” said Van der Meulen. “It’s a productive relationship through which LeaseWeb developers can contribute code back to the Apache CloudStack project.” 


LeaseWeb provides its worldwide customers with a broad portfolio of IaaS products. The company has been developing its virtual cloud services for over 5 years now. Van der Meulen adds, “Our global presence, business volume and expertise in delivering enterprise class hosting solutions ensures that our clients receive the best IT infrastructure for their business needs... now and in the future.”