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LeaseWeb introduces new private cloud platform powered by Apache CloudStack

LeaseWeb, one of the world’s largest hosting providers with 60,000 physical servers under management, today unveiled a new hosting platform with ‘turnkey’ private cloud solutions. Based on Apache CloudStack®, the platform gives users flat-fee access to dedicated resource pools, where they can create and manage multiple instances alongside managing their own virtual resources, such as dedicated cores, RAM, storage, firewalls, and load balancers.

The extensive feature set of LeaseWeb’s latest private cloud solution is accessible through a user-friendly control panel, which enables customers to orchestrate an unlimited amount of cloud instances, each with their own dedicated cores and RAM. The control panel also provides access to unlimited storage capabilities, allowing for snapshots, ISOs, and storage volumes.

In addition, customers have the option to add software-defined firewalls, load balancers, and routers for additional security and increased scalability. All cloud environments connect to multiple physical routers using multiple 10 Gb connections, and are backed by LeaseWeb’s fully redundant cloud infrastructure, which includes LeaseWeb’s global network that includes multiple transit and peering uplinks via 30 IXs and 27 PoPs.

Achieving control in private cloud
LeaseWeb Private Cloud, powered by Apache CloudStack is ideal for software developers, application builders, experienced cloud users, gaming companies, and hosting resellers. It is also suitable for transcoding companies that need an optimal private cloud solution for dynamic media.

“LeaseWeb offers a wide range of cloud hosting services, from simple Virtual Servers to more advanced enterprise clouds,” said Robert van der Meulen, Manager Cloud at LeaseWeb.  “Our newest private cloud complements our product portfolio by providing full-featured private clouds to customers without forcing them to go through all the up-front design hassle. We manage the platform, and hand over the control of resources to the customer.”

Key features of LeaseWeb Private Cloud, powered by Apache CloudStack include:

  • On-demand scalability – unlimited instance deployment with cloning and templating functionality that enables horizontal scaling
  • Dedicated resources – access compute resources with the flexibility to allocate them however users desire
  • Virtual networking – users can build multiple virtual networks that function independently of one another, or can be interconnected
  • Fault-tolerant architecture – all infrastructure is fully redundant and has built-in high-availability
  • Open API – customers can easily integrate with the full-featured Apache CloudStack API

Evolving industry requirements
“More and more organizations do not require a heavily customized private cloud, instead they are looking for a solution that offers high scalability and total control over resource allocation,” said Van der Meulen. “This is exactly the sort of flexibility that our new private cloud provides, while adding a fantastic amount of functionality on top.”

LeaseWeb has based its newest private cloud platform on Apache CloudStack. The open source nature of this software means that LeaseWeb’s developers have free reign when creating and enhancing features for the service. The LeaseWeb development team also contributes code back to the Apache CloudStack project.

The hosting provider’s support for Apache CloudStack comes at a time of increasing popularity of the open source project. Van der Meulen: “The Apache CloudStack community is growing at an exponential rate, as more and more companies find it helps advance their business goals, such as reducing costs and increasing scalability.”

'We're really pleased to see LeaseWeb using Apache CloudStack,' said Apache CloudStack Vice President Chip Childers. 'Service providers are a key part of the CloudStack community, and their contributions help ensure that the platform is not only great for their customers - it benefits all CloudStack users.'

LeaseWeb Private Cloud, powered by Apache CloudStack is currently hosted on LeaseWeb’s cloud platform located in the Netherlands. LeaseWeb Germany and LeaseWeb USA have plans to bring the product to their respective platforms in the near future.