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LeaseWeb establishes 100GE connection to AMS-IX

Global hosting provider among the first to utilize new technology.


LeaseWeb, a leading global hosting provider, has established a 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GE) connection to AMS-IX. The new Ethernet standard allows ten times the amount of traffic to be sent over one line compared to the previous standard of 10GE; significantly improving bandwidth utilization.


The new 100GE connection increases capacity and reduces the inherent complications and potential issues associated with multiple lines.


Grzegorz Janoszka, LeaseWeb Network Design Engineer said, “100GE is a big technological leap forward and is beneficial in enabling easier scalability and supporting growth. LeaseWeb is one of the first companies in Europe to utilize this technology and we’re delighted with the successful deployment.'


“The connection will offer greater flexibility and we’ll be able to increase our capacity even faster when needed. This technology is very new and we haven’t wasted any time in implementing it. Longer term, we are already looking at using 100GE in our other network PoPs, in places such as Frankfurt and London.”


LeaseWeb has two connections to AMS-IX and the 100GE connection replaced 8x10GE lines which made up the first. The second connection of 6x10GE lines means LeaseWeb currently has 160 Gbps AMS-IX capacity. However, the organization is already planning on replacing the second connection with a 100GE line in 2013, which will give LeaseWeb 2x100GE AMS-IX capacity.


The network upgrade comes ahead of the typically busy autumn months, when LeaseWeb experiences half of its traffic growth for the year (September - December). Janoszka continued, “The summer months result in relatively low traffic growth as many people are away from work on vacation. We use this period to make sure our network is in the best possible shape for the ‘boom period’ of traffic growth in September.”


LeaseWeb was one of the very first members of AMS-IX connected with 10GE in 2004. Now in 2012 the organization is once again one of the first connected with the newest technology.