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538 Houses its IT Infrastructure in Private Cloud at LeaseWeb

538 uses LeaseWeb CDN for live streaming of radio broadcasts.


Radio 538 Groep signed a 3-year contract with LeaseWeb, one of the world's largest hosting providers with a product portfolio that ranges from cloud to bare-metal servers and managed hosting. The 538 Groep uses LeaseWeb Netherlands’ cloud environment for its IT infrastructure and also uses LeaseWeb CDN's proprietary CDN technology for the live streaming of radio broadcasts.


The 538 Groep chose LeaseWeb to meet 538's ambitions. “Radio 538 has waxed to become much more than just the 538 radio station now,” says 538 Innovation Director Alexander Josiassen. “The 538 Groep manages various radio stations and music TV channels, including SLAM!FM, theme channels such as Juize, SLAM!Hardstyle, 538 Dance Department, 538Hitzone and TV stations such as TV 538 and SLAM!TV. We also organize events for third parties. As a hosting provider operating on a global scale, LeaseWeb is able to facilitate our ambitions.”


538: 10 to 15 Gbps Internet traffic

LeaseWeb Netherlands supplies 538 with a hybrid hosting solution that involves both bare metal dedicated servers and private cloud alike. The private cloud component was developed by LeaseWeb engineers based on CloudStack technology and is operated at one of its Dutch data centers. This platform provides 538 with a comprehensive set of features, based on flexible server capacity, suitable for variable workloads. Capacity can be expanded or shifted to enable dynamic changes to the platform – e.g. in case of unexpected increases in the number of visitors.


538 uses the advanced caching and distribution technology of LeaseWeb CDN's worldwide CDN (Content Delivery Network) to deliver website visitors a high-speed and stable Internet experience, and to live stream radio and television broadcasts. In The Netherlands, 538 Groep's channels generate no less than 10 to 15 gigabit of bandwidth. LeaseWeb’s CDN, with a capacity in excess of 500 gigabit, was made for live streaming and broadcasting applications, but can also be used for high-performance file and video distribution, amongst other things. 538 also uses the CDN to deliver on-demand audio and video content.

The CDN solution comes with a user-friendly control panel and allows 538 to fine-tune the intelligence in the CDN platform all by itself. In addition, LeaseWeb engineers developed an application to integrate the CDN with Radio 538's specific media player. LeaseWeb’s engineers have also incorporated features for 538’s radio-specific needs.


CloudStack ‘open source’ cloud 

“LeaseWeb uses state-of-the-art technology, which is in keeping with our own organization philosophy to adopt the latest radio techniques”, says Josiassen. “The fact that, being a Dutch cloud provider, they have such a strong international profile is another reason why we chose LeaseWeb. It means our IT infrastructure is controlled by a cloud technology partner close to home, with a data center located in The Netherlands and a clear point of contact which is certain to benefit our working relationship.”


LeaseWeb has been providing IT infrastructure solutions to customers ranging from SMBs to multinationals since 1997. In recent times, the hosting provider has poured significant investments into new innovative technologies, including the Apache CloudStack®-based ‘open source’ cloud platform which 538 uses. In 2013, LeaseWeb CDN also made extensive investments in CDN technology developed by its own engineers. Contrary to the many other solutions available, the CDN solution is perfect for file and video distribution at high bandwidths, as well as live streaming/broadcasting applications, as is the case for Radio 538.