Our Private Network enables you to set up and define your own private network between your Leaseweb services. You can increase your connectivity internally without being connected to external networks or even the Internet. Your Private Network runs on a private isolated network within our data centers, enabling secure and cost-effective data exchange with low latency.

Principales fonctionnalités

Cloud hybride

Our Private Network allows you to create a hybrid setup by combining Cloud and Dedicated Servers.


Scale-up a Dedicated Server environment with temporary instances on your Private Cloud.

Improve processing capabilities

Move resource heavy workloads (like a demanding database server) from a Private Cloud instance to a Dedicated Server.

Reduce storage costs

Extend your Private Cloud with a Dedicated Storage Server for enabling large capacity cost-effective archive storage.

Comment ça marche ?

A Private Network offers a network connection over our private isolated network. Our Private Network feature allows customers to create a Hybrid Cloud setup by combining Cloud and Dedicated Servers. 

Private Network Diagram


Serveurs dédiés

*All prices are per server

region100 Mbits/s1Gbps10Gbps
États-Unis6,50 $13 $99 $

Cloud privé

*All prices are per core

region100 Mbits/s1Gbps
États-Unis0 $Soon!

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