Based on the foundation of our Network architecture, we offer a variety of Network Services so you can build a network design to fit your business. These include Floating IPs, Networking Management Packs, and Private Networking. We also have a range of Dedicated Network Hardware for companies who want to choose their favorite tools.

  • Cloud Connect

    Cloud Connect

    Connect your different cloud environments quickly and securely with Leaseweb Cloud Connect.

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  • Dedicated Network Equipment

    Dedicated Network Equipment

    Leaseweb offers a comprehensive range of dedicated network equipment to provide the best solution for your requirements.

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  • Dedicated Network Setup

    Dedicated Network Setup

    From decades of designing network setups, we’ve come up with a range of Dedicated Network Setups which offer performance, security, and control over your applications.

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  • Floating IP

    Floating IP

    Easily build high-availability systems and utilize your own IP range. We will help you design and manage an easily scalable and cost-efficient infrastructure solution, with high speed and low latency.

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  • Network Management Pack

    Network Management Pack

    Lorsque nos experts surveillent et gèrent vos équipements réseau, vous disposez de plus de temps pour vous concentrer sur vos activités principales. 

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  • Private Network

    Private Network

    Private Networks enable you to set up your own private network between your services. You can increase your connectivity internally without being connected to external networks or even the Internet. 

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