What Caine’s Arcade has in common with programming

So, Caine’s Arcade is really old news (from 2012), but somehow I completely missed it back then. I case you did as well: It is a touching short film about a boy that dreams of running an arcade. The short film is here (click image to play):


If you want to see more, then watch part 2 (click image to play):


Caine’s story moved me, because he has such a beautiful imaginative mind. It also made me sad. Sad because I realized that I am living in a world of grown ups, that – like me – lost most of their imagination.

Programming fosters imagination

But luckily I have an escape for that: Programming. It allows me to escape to a world full of imagination. I can dream of creating a more efficient Javascript framework or a simpler PHP framework. I can program the game 2048 for use in text mode or a PHP Memcache bundle to make you web application lightning fast. Most people don’t care about this, but that does not matter, because recognition is not what drives me.

The “inventor” feeling

Just like with Caine, not being successful does not matter. That’s because there is a stronger force: The act of creating (and imagining) is a powerful and magical thing. This magic is what motivated me to program computers in the first place. It also is what still drives me to create (software) whenever I can. It is the “inventor” feeling that gets you hooked you when you are creating. And the open-source movement that promotes sharing and world-wide collaboration adds a great extra dimension to this.

I <3 programming!


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