David Beazley’s concurrency demo on PyCon 2015

pycon_2015David Beazley did an amazing live demo on Python Concurrency on PyCon 2015 (Montreal, last month). Lucky for us it is available on YouTube! I must say, that once I started watching the video I was hooked! I simply could not stop watching for the entire 45 minutes.

Python concurrency methods and their performance characteristics

In the beginning of the video David types in a Fibonacci socket server and shows the audience how socket programming works. That is already quite impressive (as he talks and types at the same time). Then he evaluates several approaches to Python concurrency: threads, processes, co-routines combined with the select call and finally co-routines combined with the select call and threads.

The performance characteristics of the approaches are shown by running a concurrency test and then a “requests per second” and a “response time in seconds” performance test. David clearly explains which role the GIL plays on the concurrency of co-routines and also where you see the (operating system) overhead caused by threads and processes.

In the questions he says that you should follow the best practices on concurrency and he specifically names “don’t have shared state” and “use functions”. See the talk by clicking on the video below:

Thank you, PyCon 2015, for sharing this video with us!


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