Blocking Google and Facebook tracking using Ad Block Plus and Ghostery

abp_ghostery_iconsI was suprised to find out that both Google and Facebook were still tracking me after I installed “Ad Block Plus” with the “EasyPrivacy” subscription.

Facebook “like” widget not blocked on

I was on and I saw this little Facebook thingy:


I expected that to be blocked by “Ad Block Plus” because I subscribe to the “EasyPrivacy” list. I started Firebug to see that the iframe was there and that is was loaded from the Facebook website:


In the “blockable items” I verified that this widget was not blocked:


This was unexpected to me, so I began to dig a little deeper in the workings of “Ad Block Plus”.

Google AdSense not blocked on

On the Dutch news website ( I saw that Google was whitelisted (shown green). I quickly found the filter source by hovering the rule, it said “Allow non-intrusive advertising”:


I was not aware of me allowing any tracking, especially not from Google. The main reason I have this plugin installed is to keep Google away. So, as you can understand I was not happy. How come “Ad Block Plus” had suddenly (from juillet 2013 according to decided some advertisers were better than others? Also why did “EasyPrivacy” not protect me against Facebook?

After some searching I found that this filter (that was enabled during the 2.0 update of the plugin) could be triggered with an obscure checkbox:


This “acceptable ads feature” (as they call it themselves) is enabled by default as you can read in the “acceptable-ads” FAQ. Also, they are admitting that they are being paid:

…we are being paid by some larger properties that serve non-intrusive advertisements… – source

So what do you think? Has “Ad Block Plus” been paid by Google to unblock them? And why does the “EasyPrivacy” subscription not cover Facebook? Have they also been paid for that? (edit: The “Fanboy” subscriptions do block Facebook)

Ghostery to the rescue

I therefore decided to install Ghostery. This is another tool that promises to block tracking efforts. However, you must make sure that you configure it correctly:

  1. Options – General – Sharing options – Disable GhostRank
  2. Options – General – Blocking Options – Trackers – Select all
  3. Options – General – Blocking Options – Cookies – Select all
  4. Options – Advanced – Display Options – Select none
  5. Options – Advanced – Performance Options – Select all

Ghostery does not make a secret of their business model:

…it’s is made by an advertising company called Evidon … it is a Web tracking blocker that actually helps the ad industry – source

And remember, whenever you are not paying for a service, you are the product. So you better understand the business model behind these services. The business models of the “Ad Block Plus” and “Ghostery” plugins are (now) clear to me. This does NOT mean I endorse the use of these plugins. There are many arguments to use and also many to not use these plugins. Please  keep a critical mind and decide for yourself!


10 thoughts on “Blocking Google and Facebook tracking using Ad Block Plus and Ghostery”

  1. This is nothing new that both company’s that release those adding are paid for by the same companies they try to rid of.
    That is why you should use Adblock edge with easy list+ easy privacy ‘ as well as fanboys social blocking list

    That should do everything you need

  2. Check out, they have all the privacy stuff you could ever need. Disconnect, which is listed over there, is a much better alternative than Ghostery and it isn’t pimping your data out to ad firms. Its FOSS.

  3. As much as your solution works, the privacy-protection that is easiest with the least amount of hassle for most people is which is about as good as Ghostery but is fully free/libre/open. I happen to use it alongside Adblock and Ghostery and more. But it is the thing I recommend to average folks alongside adblock.

  4. why just not use real adblock in Firefox extension Adblock Edge or even Simple Adblock ? Adblock Plus with their “non intrusive” advertising won’t touch any computer I am managing.

  5. EasyPrivacy didn’t block Facebook because doing so would have broken functionality and EasyPrivacy’s goal is to not break functionality. For more aggressive blocking, take a look at Fanboy lists:
    The option to disable “acceptable ads” is by no means obscure. In summary, this is a non-story.

  6. If you want the best possible blocking of google tracking, block the google IP address blocks with a firewall or an IP blocking program. This works better than any of the add-ons.

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