Within Leaseweb we take pride in having a big diversity of backgrounds and nationalities, ideas & life experiences. We are open, accessible, informal and easy going, with a strong sense of community. We hire smart, creative and passionate professionals who will be given the opportunity to grow their career with us.

Together we have created this fantastic family vibe to give everyone the feeling to be home away from home. A personal touch starting with the interview, meeting your new team towards your full employee experience. All opportunities for personal- and professional growth together with a people friendly culture will make you want to stay and work with us.

Fun and Pride

Nothing better than celebrating your success with your Leaseweb family. We are known for our spectacular Summer parties and themed Christmas party at the end of the year. On a daily base we overcome obstacles, support and help each other. Together with your colleagues you will face your biggest challenges, you will be amazed by what you are capable of!

To keep your spirit up and running we have an event fit for everyone: Dam tot Dam loop, Hackathons, Spring lunch, Master Chef Leaseweb and many more.

Think you have a great idea to add to our list? Feel free to join our Fun and Pride team.

Fun and Pride
Cultural awareness

Cultural Awareness

With over 40 nationalities within Leaseweb, international branches and customers all over the world, cultural awareness is of great importance to Leaseweb. With our Cultural Awareness program we explore how cultures shapes, how we act and behave and how misunderstandings arise when we misinterpret different cultural behaviors.

Learning from each other's cultural background will enhance our knowledge, communications and collaboration.

Coding our Culture

We recognize that the best way to create an open and vibrant company culture is from the ground up. That is why our 7 core values originate from the experience and insight of our whole global team.

Through a series of surveys, workshops and ongoing conversations we shared thought with another and arrived at the values that we all share and live by.

Trust one Another

Empower a greater world

Never stop learning

Make it fun

Speak in one voice

Use common sense

Get it done