The modern content consumer expects a seamless experience, so streaming services need to be backed up by quality infrastructure with scalability on capacity and bandwidth. Your customers’ experience is directly related to the network and server performance.

This is where Leaseweb comes in

Global 6+ Tbps Network

Our 20 state-of-the-art data centers provide a worldwide network architecture that ensures fast website access and unrivaled performance with 6+Tbps bandwidth capacity and 99 999% uptime, where you can flexibly scale as you grow.

With 43 points of presence, 29 Internet Exchanges, and 6 Tier-1 carriers and 80 private peers, we reach over 8000 networks.

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Hybrid Cloud Flexibility

Whether you are delivering high resolution videos, a video game publisher just delivering large files, you need an architecture that's perfectly suited for your specific workloads.

We can seamlessly integrate dedicated servers, cloud, CDN and cyber security services into a hybrid hosting solution that's tailor made for your most demanding workloads.

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CDN multiple

The Leaseweb Multi-CDN combines multiple Content Delivery Networks with a combined 300+ PoPs to guarantee an optimal experience for your audience. A partir des mesures de performance de l'utilisateur final, le meilleur point de présence est choisi pour distribuer votre contenu.

La diffusion des informations et l'optimisation du site web sont assurées grâce à un nombre accru de points de présence, avec à la clé une meilleure portée et plus de redondance.

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Customer Success


"Leaseweb provides a unique combination of high capacity and cost-effective services with excellent support. With remote hands managing our infrastructure and a global high-bandwidth network, we successfully scaled out of the Netherlands into Europe."

Stef van der Ziel

Owner, Jet-Stream

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10G Dedicated Servers

When you need to generate content on the fly, nothing performs better than the raw power of dedicated servers.


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