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Title: Ensure Flawless QoE through CDN Switching
Speakers: NPAW, Julien Lehmann (Leaseweb)
Location: Webinar
Date and Time: Tuesday 12 September, 11:00am-12:00am and 06:00pm - 07:00pm

All CDNs fluctuate in terms of quality. The only way to minimize the impact of poor network experiences is through the use of the best performing CDN for each user. Implementing risk and cost control mechanisms with multiple CDN vendors is often tricky for customers. This results in content providers putting all their eggs in one basket primarily because they do not have the means to dynamically determine the most appropriate CDN for each user, property, region, and ISP. Thanks to the Leaseweb and NPAW partnership, implementing multi-CDN strategies is a great option for content providers that seek to maintain a great Quality of Experience (QoE). We are changing the rules of the game and easing the integration and time-to-market for implementing multi-CDN strategies.

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