AdTech Meetup Barcelona 2018


What is the AdTech Meetup in Barcelona about?

Learn how to grow your business despite infrastructure challenges in the AI Revolution era.

If you are:

  • Growing startup founder
  • CTO
  • IT freelancer
  • Attending Affiliate World Europe in Barcelona
  • Looking to learn about infrastructure challenges
  • Looking to expand your AdTech industry network

Join us to learn how to:

  • Navigate the digital transformation and AI in the AdTech industry
  • Catch up on the latest technical requirements in the AdTech industry
  • Prepare for the infrastructure selection decision process
  • Design infrastructure with all the business impacts in mind
  • Best prepare and plan your business growth
  • Stay ahead of the trends in the infrastructure industry

Tangible examples provided by:

  • Dmitrii Zotov - Founder & CTO at Affise With over 10 years’ experience in the affiliate marketing industry, Dmitrii has a profound background in creating and developing affiliate programmes and traffic analysis platforms as a software engineer. From media buying to working as a CTO & CEO of his own affiliate networks, Dmitrii will share his industry expertise on current AdTech challenges and future perspectives in the AI Revolution era.
  • Vincent Maurin - VP of Engineering at Glispa. With over 14 years’ experience in designing and building AdTech applications with distributed systems handling tens thousands requests per second. Vincent will share his industry expertise and tips on how you can manage your current challenges in the rapidly grow of digital era.
  • Robert van der Meulen - Global Product Strategy Lead at Leaseweb. With over 19 years’ experience in developing new technologies, Robert is working on underpinning Leaseweb's global business strategy with a technical strategy aligned with customer needs. He will talk about current trends, challenges in AdTech industry and tips how you can grow your business.

More details coming soon.


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