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Why WDC-02?

WDC-02 is a purpose built, Tier III Certified, award-winning data center in Manassas, VA. Located in the heart of the largest data center market in the world, WDC-02, combines robust environmental control and security with fast connectivity to 17 IXs including LINX NoVA, San Jose Equinix, Ashburn Equinix, Verizon/Terremark (NOTA) and AMS-IX. The entire facility is protected by federal-grade security that meets the stringent demands of DOD and DCID compliance. The facility also offers Data Center Marketplace access, which includes a wide range of Cloud, IT and Partner services.

Location details


  • 83-Acre Privately Owned & Operated Facility
  • Purpose-Built to Enterprise & Federal Standards
  • N+1 Generators, UPS and Cooling
  • Hot & cold aisle containment
  • Custom Hot/Cold Aisle Containment Solutions Available
  • High-Density Ready (up to 20 kW per cabinet/rack)
  • 36-Inch Raised Flooring


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