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Why MTL-03?

The MTL-03 datacenter is located in St-Léonard, Qc, Canada on Couture street between Lacordaire and Langelier streets. In 2006, iWeb invested $ 12.6 M to buy and convert this building into a dedicated server and colocation datacenter with a capacity of 12 000 dedicated servers and nearly 200 colocation racks (24U and 48U). It is currently near full capacity, serving thousands of customers and web sites all over the world. iWeb/Leaseweb's first big data center project in which we host 60% dedicated servers and 40% collocation.

Location details


  • 70% shelves with a mix of VPR lite and legacy network.
  • 25% colocation cabinets with a default 1gb uplink.
  • 5% H frames with the legacy network.
  • 14 sections with a total of 91 shelves.
  • Copper uplinks to top of the shelf switches.
  • 3x copper cables per server.
  • DCOps staff the DC 24/7.
  • Hosting Space: 6356 ft^2
  • Colocation Space: 2393 ft^2
  • Office Space: 2380 ft^2
  • Total Space: 17000 ft^2