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Why FRA-10?

The FRA-10 data center is not only one of the largest in Germany, but also located directly in Frankfurt, Germany's main financial and telecommunications district. Besides dedicated and virtual servers, FRA-10 offers private cloud options Apache CloudStack, VMware vSphere and vCloud. Providing 9 carriers and numerous connectivity options to 16 IXs in Europe, including the DE-CIX, AMS-IX, E-CIX, PLIX and Swiss-IX hubs, this is an ideal location for your infrastructure.

Location details


  • 721,182 sq ft (67,000 m2) site
  • 19-inch individually locked cabinets
  • Dedicated private space up to 900 m2 enclosed in cages constructed to client specifications
  • Redundant air conditioning and cooling systems at N+1
  • Room temperature maintained at 24°C +2/- 4°C
  • Temperatures in the data centres are monitored by means of sensors
  • Relative humidity at 50% to 15%
  • Floor load-bearing capacity from 5 to 15 kN/ m2
  • Raised floor at 300-700 mm


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