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Why Leaseweb?

  • Guaranteed data residency
  • Private infrastructure options
  • Extensive hybrid cloud possibilities
  • Free account manager
  • Unparalleled network performance
  • Data centers all over the world

Why Digital Ocean?

  • Competitive pricing
  • Fast deployment
  • Simple but powerful features
  • Highly available storage
  • Pre-built open-source apps
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) options 

Don't want to choose?

Get the best of both worlds with Leaseweb Elastic Compute.

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Leaseweb Elastic Compute

Elevate your business in a highly scalable and secure cloud environment. Leaseweb Elastic Compute is an easy-to-use solution that empowers you to reach your business goals. Enjoy the flexibility of creating instances that match your needs within a pool of resources.

Key Comparable Products

These are the Leaseweb products most comparable to Digital Ocean.

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Leaseweb Virtual Private Server

Easy to configure and reliable, our VPS solutions give you the control of a dedicated server combined with a virtual machine's scalability - all at a low price.


We couldn’t be happier with Leaseweb Elastic Cloud. It performs even better than our own cloud infrastructure from Dell and several of our customers have already immediately
noticed a difference.”

Vincent de Vlugt, CEO, Renaissance IT


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