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Amsterdam, Netherlands – October 4, 2023 –  Leaseweb Global, a leading cloud services and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider, today announced a partnership with Edgio, Inc. (Nasdaq: EGIO), a platform of choice for speed, security and simplicity at the edge, that will see Edgio integrated as part of its Multi-CDN portfolio across North America, EMEA and APAC.

The Leaseweb Multi-CDN combines multiple content delivery network (CDN) providers to increase global reach and improve user experience with unmatched reliability. By incorporating redundant switching mechanisms, traffic is intelligently routed, leading to optimal performance, reduced latency and enhanced availability. This approach benefits various industries, including Media, Entertainment, Marketing, Advertising, SaaS, Gaming, and iGaming, by reducing latency and improving high-bandwidth content performance, even during traffic spikes.

Edgio, a globally scaled edge-enabled software solutions provider, enables companies to deliver high-quality digital experiences, from faster websites and responsive applications to superior streaming quality. With the ability to support both small and large files, Edgio addresses the increasing demand for digital content in fields like e-commerce, video and software, making business operations faster and more reliable.

By integrating Edgio into its Multi-CDN mix, Leaseweb clients will benefit from improved scalability and content delivery performance. This collaboration represents a step forward for the Multi-CDN market, particularly in terms of scalability and consistent content delivery, ensuring a seamless user experience, including faster live stream and on-demand video delivery without buffering.

"By integrating Edgio's advanced capabilities, we're not just expanding our Multi-CDN portfolio – we're redefining the standards of content delivery, ensuring that our clients receive unmatched speed, reliability and performance,” commented Sharan Kumar, Product Manager CDN, Leaseweb. “This partnership underlines our commitment to innovation and our dedication to serving the evolving needs of businesses worldwide."

“Edgio is excited to deepen our relationship with Leaseweb. The collaboration signifies the growing recognition among cloud, media and entertainment companies that Edgio offers one of the fastest, highest capacity and most secure edge-enabled CDNs, which, combined with our quality of service, makes us an attractive option,” said Emma Whitmore, Group VP, EMEA Edgio.

About Edgio

Edgio (NASDAQ: EGIO) helps companies deliver online experiences and content faster, safer, and with more control. Its developer-friendly, globally scaled edge network, combined with fully integrated application and media solutions, provides a single platform for the delivery of high-performing, secure web properties and streaming content. Through this fully integrated platform and end-to-end edge services, companies can deliver content quicker and more securely, thus boosting overall revenue and business value. To learn more, visit edg.io and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

About Leaseweb

Leaseweb is a leading Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider serving a worldwide portfolio of 20,000 customers ranging from SMBs to Enterprises. Services include Public Cloud, Private Cloud,  Dedicated Servers ,  Colocation,  Content Delivery Network , and Cyber Security Services supported by exceptional customer service and technical support. With more than 80,000 servers, Leaseweb has provided infrastructure for mission-critical websites, Internet applications, email servers, security, and storage services since 1997. The company operates 25 data centers in locations across Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America, all of which are backed by a superior worldwide network with a total capacity of more than 10 Tbps.

Leaseweb offers services through its various subsidiaries, which are Leaseweb Netherlands B.V., Leaseweb USA, Inc., Leaseweb Asia Pacific PTE. LTD, Leaseweb CDN B.V., Leaseweb Deutschland GmbH, Leaseweb Australia Ltd., Leaseweb UK Ltd, Leaseweb Japan KK, Leaseweb Hong Kong LTD, and Leaseweb Canada Inc.

For more information, visit: http://www.leaseweb.com



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