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LeaseWeb scales up its cloud - provides up to twice the resources with its cloud products

LeaseWeb, one of the largest hosting providers in the world with more than 60,000 servers under its management, has doubled the CPU and RAM of its top-end Cloud Hosting and Virtual Server packages. The upgrade, which does not incorporate an increase in price, takes place with immediate effect. 


Currently, top-end Cloud Hosting and Virtual Server packages are powered by 4 CPU Cores and 4GB of memory capacity. These resources will now be doubled to 8 CPU Cores and 8GB of RAM, respectively. The specifications upgrade is not limited to the ‘top-end’ XL versions of the products. The whole product range within LeaseWeb’s Cloud Hosting and Virtual Server offering will receive a considerable capacity boost.

Cloud Hosting and Virtual Servers

New users of LeaseWeb’s globally deployed cloud platforms, on which LeaseWeb Cloud servers and Virtual Servers are delivered, will get to run significantly more applications, at an increased speed. Existing customers will be upgraded to the new capacity levels at no additional cost within the next two months.

“The capacity boost means that e-commerce sites, for example, will be able to handle more customers, while web developers could run their applications much faster and social media platforms can serve considerably more users,” commented Robert van der Meulen, Manager Cloud at LeaseWeb. “Our customer base includes a large number of businesses which are growing rapidly. By increasing the capacity of our cloud products, LeaseWeb is supporting their growth.”

“By doubling the resources of our top-end Cloud Hosting and Virtual Server products without increasing the price, we’re safeguarding a long company tradition of offering great value products,” said Van der Meulen. “It’s very much consistent with the vision of our founders, who initially built the company with very little marketing investment and virtually only word-of-mouth publicity.”

Open Source Innovation

LeaseWeb’s R&D team built its public cloud platforms in conjunction with the Apache CloudStack open source community. “We like the innovative nature of the Apache CloudStack community and the power it brings to our platforms,” said Van der Meulen. “The open nature of the software gives LeaseWeb the opportunity to offer flexible cloud and virtual server products to our clients.”

The product development departments of LeaseWeb and its affiliates employ over 50 software engineers, many of whom are responsible for developing the cloud platforms. Van der Meulen adds: “Of course, being part of an open source community means you get to share code. One of our engineers now fully dedicates his time to working on open source code and contributing to the Apache CloudStack community.”

”Being part of the CloudStack community speeds up the innovation process within our organization,” said Van der Meulen. “We go beyond simply building cloud platforms, actively contributing to help advance the core technology that makes the cloud possible. Open source projects have a strong focus on innovation and features that do not yet exist in the market. This allows us to work on next generation services.”

The innovative characteristics of the separate cloud platforms currently deployed in the Netherlands, Germany, and the United States are also reflected in their redundancy. Van der Meulen adds: “All equipment used to construct the cloud platforms is double-deployed. Somewhat uncommon in the market, this design choice enhances the resilience and reliability of our Cloud Hosting and Virtual Server products. Combined with a quality software layer and a world-class network, we’re building products that we are proud of.”