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LeaseWeb celebrates 20 years of global hosting

Today marks LeaseWeb’s 20-year anniversary and two decades of progress and success for the leading Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider.

Amsterdam, May 12, 2017 – From day one LeaseWeb has used its technological know-how to help companies ranging from small startups to global enterprises achieve their business goals. Over the years, LeaseWeb has transformed from a small team that builds and hosts websites to a global cloud hosting provider with almost 500 employees from 35 different nationalities working together in six offices throughout Europe, Asia, and North America.

In 1997, LeaseWeb started in the clouds. The co-founders were working as professional pilots, a profession that centered on reliability, team work, and bringing people together when they recognized the internet’s potential to provide a new form of connection. Today, the company’s focus remains on working closely with customers to understand their unique needs and providing reliable services worldwide by using decades of technical skills and experience to build the Internet as a Service (IaaS), in the cloud.

From one rented server in the Netherlands to 80,000 servers worldwide

LeaseWeb has grown its operations from one rented server in the Netherlands to hosting and managing 80,000 servers across 16 data global centers. As a company that works with thousands of customers around the world, LeaseWeb has invested in automation and mass server and data center management to be able to scale up its operations to not only reflect, but also anticipate its customers’ needs, allowing it to develop long standing relationships with its customers. Over the course of two decades, LeaseWeb has built a full-fledged development organization that that has provided ongoing optimization of their products and services. This allows them to offer industry leading features at a price to performance ratio that is accessible to the broadest possible market.

Today, LeaseWeb’s platform powers millions of websites around the world, and hosts business critical applications and IT systems, such as financial back-end systems, e-commerce solutions, and games for some of the world’s leading companies. Every day, LeaseWeb’s servers and global network provide the computing power and global reach that allows companies to do everything from office automation and HR payrolls, to streaming live concerts and running MMOG. Even after 20 years of business growth and transformation, LeaseWeb’s entrepreneurial spirit, dynamism, and personal approach to running a business remains.

“We are proud of what we have accomplished and how far LeaseWeb has come. We are one of the very few companies of this size in this industry that managed to stay privately owned. And we still have the same young spirit and core values that we started our journey with. We are committed to continuing to invest in people, new technology, and additional locations as well as build out our data center platforms, together with strong partnerships with major technology companies.” said Con Zwinkels, co-founder and CEO at LeaseWeb.

“In the next 1-3 years, we expect continued growth in media and video content with a central role for the network and storage infrastructure as enablers for the consumption of this data. As compute capacity and density continue to grow, demands for high performance networks and storage will grow too. In addition, the second wave of companies going into the cloud will take off and the more traditional companies will be moving into the cloud. Organizations that are already running fully in the cloud will have figured out that hybrid infrastructures are more effective in terms of cost and performance, and will re-architect. LeaseWeb is looking forward to helping businesses throughout this journey,” concluded Zwinkels.

For a complete overview of the key milestones that LeaseWeb reached in the past 20 years, visit http://20yearbook.leaseweb.com/leaseweb-20-years