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LeaseWeb Broadens Hardware Partnerships, Adds Huawei To its Dedicated Server Portfolio

LeaseWeb, one of the world’s largest hosting providers with a broad portfolio ranging from cloud computing to on-demand dedicated servers and managed hosting, today announced a partnership with Huawei. Under the agreement, LeaseWeb will add Huawei servers as a configuring option to its dedicated server product line—next to other server brands such as Dell, HP, and IBM.


The addition of the Huawei brand to LeaseWeb’s product line of dedicated servers broadens customer choice, as LeaseWeb clients are free to choose which server brand to utilize when deploying their hosting solution.


“LeaseWeb’s proposition with a wide range of hardware brands to choose from is quite unique in the global hosting market,” said Paul Broekhuizen, Sales Director Huawei. “Their large volume of server hardware in stock, together with their extensive available bandwidth and instant provisioning options for even the most demanding customers, also contributes to their innovative proposition in the market. We feel privileged that LeaseWeb, as one of the largest hosting providers in the world, is willing to add our brand to their dedicated server portfolio.”


LeaseWeb is one of Huawei’s six strategic business partners that will join the vendor at CeBIT 2014 in Hannover, Germany, March 10 - 14. At CeBIT, Huawei has more than 10,700 total square feet of booth space available where LeaseWeb will be granted a prominent place and the partnership will be officially revealed to the public.


R&D focused
As a global company with a Chinese background, Huawei’s brand awareness in European and U.S. server markets is still limited, but LeaseWeb is recognizing the value of the Asian brand next to established brands in the Western hosting market, like Dell, HP, and IBM.


“Our engineering department tested the Huawei server equipment thoroughly and the performance was extremely good,” said René Olde Olthof, Operations Director, LeaseWeb. “The energy efficiency of the servers turned out to be remarkably high, which caters to our needs of providing customers with excellent energy performance of their dedicated server packages. It’s evident that Huawei is focusing on providing green technology and utilizing about 46 percent of its human capital for R&D related activities.”


“The company boasts many years of experience in the server, networking, and storage market,” Olde Olthof added. “As their roots are in the telecom carrier business, where always-on operations are extremely crucial for the success of client’s businesses, you can imagine that Huawei understands what quality means and that the reliability of Huawei equipment must be high.


Joint marketing efforts
As an integral part of the partnership, Huawei and LeaseWeb agreed to set up joint marketing activities to target potential clients with information on Huawei-based dedicated server hosting plans. LeaseWeb joining Huawei at its booth at CeBIT is an important first step in this cooperation. Marketing activities may further involve the creation of joint materials, referring of prospects, and setting up joint email or advertising campaigns.


“We’re planning to target a variety of vertical markets in close cooperation with LeaseWeb’s marketing department,” Broekhuizen said. “It’s our goal to increase Huawei’s brand awareness among business clients in Europe and beyond. The fact that LeaseWeb, a major hosting provider, has chosen to include our servers in their dedicated server offerings, will help convince business customers of the supreme quality of our portfolio.”


About Huawei
Huawei is a global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider with currently more than 150,000 employees worldwide, serving more than one third of the world’s population in over 140 countries. Approximately 46 percent of the company’s workforce is R&D related. Through its dedication to customer-centric innovation and strong partnerships, Huawei has established end-to-end solutions in telecom networks, devices and cloud computing aimed at a broad portfolio of customers among which telecom operators, enterprises and consumers.