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Industries: AdTech

Founded: 2016

Headquarters: Vilnius, Lithuania

Size: 10+

Product in this case study: 

Dedicated Server

The Customer

Xe.works is a multi-directional media company that buys and sells digital advertising space for websites and mobile apps.

Xe.works started its story back in 2016, having joined AdTech professionals to craft exceptional advertising solutions for programmatic media buying & selling. Today it operates globally with offices in Kyiv, Ukraine, and Vilnius, Lithuania — and serves customers in the U.S., Europe, Israel, and APAC. Xe.works leads the industry in building digital advertising platforms based on Real-Time Bidding (RTB) technology, thus enabling its customers to control and enhance their media spend and earnings. Xe.works offers quick integration, smart and clear algorithms for ad bidding optimizations, dedicated customer support, and stable performance.

“Leaseweb was able to provide us with the level of support we needed and the data center coverage we expected. They’ve helped us serve our clients better and will help us continue to scale our company down the road.”

- Dan Areshkovych, CEO, Xe.works

The Challenge

Digital advertising is a fast-paced and high-needs industry. For Xe.works to serve its customers the most timely, impactful, and cost-efficient ad opportunities, it needed its infrastructure to be extremely reliable. Even just a few seconds in system lag could result in less-than-ideal outcomes for its customers and profit loss for its own business.

Xe.works searched for a hosting partner that would provide them with high-caliber technical reliability and support. From time to time, Xe.works needed emergency help with the campaigns they were running. They tried several different hosting companies, but many of them lacked the level of support Xe.works needed and expected.

The Solution

Xe.works began to leverage Leaseweb’s enterprise-class infrastructure in 2018. As its primary IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) provider, Leaseweb provided Xe.works with the reliability it needed and the support team it had been longing for. Xe.works utilizes Leaseweb’s Dedicated Server hosting plans to better build its core business around the world.

Xe.works can customize its services and access large data center coverage, which is important as it looks to scale its business globally in the near future. Additionally, Xe.works is able to process more orders in less time with the additional resources Leaseweb’s Dedicated Servers provide. The platform allows the company to reduce downtime and improve performance significantly, giving them a leg up in its vast sea of competitors.

Key Requirements

  • Service - Support team that could respond to urgent system issues
  • Agility - Could handle millions of requests per day from its global customers
  • Scalability - Solution that could grow seamlessly with its business

Our Solution

  • Leaseweb Network – redundant high-speed connections with traffic load balancing
  • Personal consultation and support service – assisting with provisioning, backup, and advance server management requirements
  • Multiple data centers globally

The Support

The main reason Xe.works values its partnership with Leaseweb is because of its support capabilities. Leaseweb is always on hand to help with provisioning, backup, recovery, and other advanced server management requirements. This arrangement enables Xe.works to focus on its core activities and allows its IT team to function more responsively and proactively.

Leaseweb’s support team also provides customized strategic services. The team ensures server resources are available as new clients come on board and as Xe.works continues to grow its presence around the world.

The Outcome

Leaseweb’s Dedicated Servers enable Xe.works to conduct its advertising business fluently across its three international offices. This has also assisted in the extension of its rapidly increasing partner base. No matter where Xe.works customers operate, Leaseweb’s global network of data centers and points of presence (PoPs), with high-performing servers, ensured close proximity to the endpoint – all while reducing latency and costs during its real-time bidding (RTB) process. Xe.works also enjoys improved server efficiency, faster processing speeds, flexibility, and the agility to grow its IT resources on demand.

Leaseweb’s customer-focused approach set a solid foundation for a long-term working relationship with Xe.works, and the organizations’ executives value Leaseweb as their sole IT solutions partner.

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